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  1. LeeMiller

    QPR Rail Seating

    Upper tier I think they are at the back of the stand
  2. LeeMiller

    Barlaser and O'Brien

    If Howson and Hackney are out for the rest of the season then we are going to have to play them every week. Maybe Paddy could fill that role if either are injured .
  3. LeeMiller

    Are we in a relegation fight

    points wise, low 50’s should do it. Next tgree Stoke (A) Norwich (H) QPR (A) So we can handle business ourselves. Two draws in those away games might do it. But……..if we gift wrap three points for both Stoke and QPR then the squeaky bum trumpet could start playing
  4. LeeMiller

    Are we in a relegation fight

    We go to Liftus road in a couple of weeks. Six pointer?
  5. LeeMiller

    This season

    Bit harsh. Rotherham didn’t beat us at home
  6. LeeMiller

    Should we just throw in a few kids?

    This is a good point
  7. LeeMiller

    Todays ref

    Good point. I’d have sent him Off
  8. LeeMiller

    The Walkout protest thing

    Got to say, fair play to Plymouth for scoring bang on 30 mins. Definitely got me out of my seat
  9. LeeMiller

    Todays ref

    what was going through his mind is immaterial. He was in play. Deliberately hand balled it. Bizarrely. To no advantage to himself. But he still did it. He didn’t protest.
  10. LeeMiller

    Glover = Not good enough

    It was a crap goal from our point of view. Think he still should have done better with the first shot though
  11. LeeMiller

    Bristol City MK2.

    Yeah but look at the possession stats. Surely that gives you a tingle of pride.
  12. LeeMiller

    Todays ref

    Come on now. What can the ref do apart from book him for deliberate hand ball???
  13. LeeMiller

    Right then, where does the blame lie?

    Who’s the dynamo? 🤪
  14. LeeMiller

    Right then, where does the blame lie?

    Good analogy. Who would you say is our carburettor?
  15. LeeMiller

    Their player catching the ball on the pitch!

    A home win
  16. LeeMiller

    Glover = Not good enough

    That’s a problem for me. No leaders at all. At one stage today, an Ince, Pearson, Leadbitter would have got one or two players together a d made it abundantly clear, this is NOT good enough
  17. LeeMiller

    Glover = Not good enough

    Got badly squared up (again) for the second
  18. LeeMiller

    Right then, where does the blame lie?

    Leaning back towards the blame gane again tonight.
  19. LeeMiller

    Todays ref

    I must admit. Whislt I sat there and thought ” by god this is awful” I was somewhat cheered by the fact that the highly paid official wasn’t completely inept. Hurrah for Mr Official
  20. LeeMiller

    2 more home games before...

    We’ll renew. But I went for **** when the second went in. Then had a pint and didn’t go back until start of 2nd half. Not like me. I and my family give up a lot for me to go to the match. I thought today was awful and we are miles away from where we “should” be