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  1. Jonny Ingbar

    Academy players - too cautious?

    I think the negative atmosphere probably dissuaded Carrick from doing that.
  2. Jonny Ingbar

    Great British Menu - Plant Based Chef

    Who is he and where is his restaurant located?
  3. Jonny Ingbar

    Finally approved

    I'd keep that to yourself to be honest 😂
  4. Jonny Ingbar

    MP's extra security fund

    Agreed, the police already have primary responsibility for this, so why create a separate funding stream? Seems odd to me. Another way to claim MP's expenses?
  5. Jonny Ingbar

    Finally approved

    It's the stringent and detailed vetting process that causes the delays. It's not easy going through your wheelybin and tapping your phone, these things are time consuming.
  6. Jonny Ingbar

    York City

    Watch York occasionally, the ground and development around it is great, I hope they see a bit of success
  7. Jonny Ingbar

    Viktor Gyokeres

    Man Utd if the rumours are too be believed. As much as Brighton get right in terms of player transfers, you'd have to say this was a big mistake by them. Just shows how difficult it can be.
  8. Jonny Ingbar

    Gary Gill

    I think he gets some unfair criticism on here and I think he'd fair much better in our current setup.
  9. Jonny Ingbar

    20 years on interview with Gibson

    I think we've performed more or less consistently with clubs of a similar resource really. People always point to the Brighton's and Brentford's as a measure of how badly we've done, but then there's always the likes of Bolton, Derby and Sheffield Wednesday's too. There's more get it 'wrong'...
  10. Jonny Ingbar

    20 years on interview with Gibson

    This is it for me, the guy is ploughing money into the club on a daily basis just to keep us semi-competitive and given wealth and financial resource is by far the biggest influencer to success I'm not sure what some fans think we're need to do that we aren't already. I certainly don't see a...
  11. Jonny Ingbar

    Sinusitis - Anyone here struggle with it?

    Coincidentally I've had exactly the same problem, seems to pick up a lot more virus' since I had COVID a few years ago and sinusitis always seems too be a lingering symptom. I picked something up when we were away at New Year that I couldn't shake off and I got it again last week, with...
  12. Jonny Ingbar

    Could you be a Copper?

    I did it for 30 years, man and boy so to speak, enjoyed most of it but also found that the further up the rank structure you go the more cut throat people are, to the point it becomes all about their careers, to the detriment of what policing is fundamentally about. The lads and lasses on the...
  13. Jonny Ingbar

    Not cacking all over my bed!

    I agree with this to some extent, but football as a business is almost unique in that success cannot be guaranteed, regardless how good your model is. I think the biggest issue for us has been a lack of continuity between managers and we've flip-flopped between, at times, wildly differing...
  14. Jonny Ingbar

    Not cacking all over my bed!

    I was thinking more this season ie have mistakes led to our current position. I think there have been some obvious misteps over the last decade or so, together with some good choices. I do feel like the current setup is cohesive and more structuted than I can remember
  15. Jonny Ingbar

    Not cacking all over my bed!

    I'm pretty relaxed about the current situation, albeit obviously disappointed at how the season hasn't really got going. But then I half expected a season that struggled to live up to last year, it was always an incredibly difficult ask to put a team out that was anywhere near as good as last...
  16. Jonny Ingbar

    Stadium Sponsorship

    Clever 😂
  17. Jonny Ingbar

    Second hand EVs

    There's a big unknown in the motor industry about the shelf life of batteries, so probably wise to stay clear until there's a better understanding around it.
  18. Jonny Ingbar

    Ewen MacIntosh - Keith from The Office

    It's 100% true sadly
  19. Jonny Ingbar

    The one that got away - Jesé

    That's how I remember it.
  20. Jonny Ingbar

    Ewen MacIntosh - Keith from The Office

    Very sad and he's been ill for sometime. A little disappointing that Ricky Gervais seemingly didn't make any attempt to see him, given how long he's been poorly and I'm a Ricky Gervais fan.