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    Kieran Scott - leaving?

    I'd be interested to know how much of a role Carrick plays in the recruiting process. He seems outwardly to accept any new player coming in and seems on board with the current set up. However it's clearly a big summer coming up and I wonder if Carrick has said something privately about...
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    Cole Palmer or Phil Foden?

    Probably a better finisher too. Both great to watch. Just glide with the ball.
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    Manchester City - the double treble

    Arsenal looking good atm. All to play for. City still likely to concede goals which gives other teams hope. I actually think they are most likely to win the champions league again than either the premier league or FA cup. March and early April will probably decide things. How sad we have to...
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    Brendan Galloway

    Was he really at MK Dons in 2011? If he is 27, that was 13 years ago, making him a 14 or 15 year old. Can't remember him being a teen superstar?? His appearance record prior to Plymouth is dreadful.
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    The end?

    I guess with all this - you need to see an endgame the sooner the better. I think most people won't want this conflict going into another winter - mainly for the sake of lost lives. It seems Russia/Putin is willing to keep sacrificing soldiers until the battle is won/or a large win can be...
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    As with all the teams that are aiming to survive, all it takes is a bit of a loss of form, lose a few key players especially up front (Toney and Mbeumo) and a few more injuries, and you are bound to struggle. For a lot of premier league teams, you are never far away from a relegation struggle...
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    Who are we all wanting to see replaced in the summer?

    We are not really 'signing' him on what he did for Bristol Rovers in league one. It's based on what he did for us this year and his brief appearances the year before last. Not sure how another loan will really benefit him, when he could be doing a decent job for us. Maybe not first choice, but...
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    Who are we all wanting to see replaced in the summer?

    Surprised at the number of people who think Coburn should go out on loan. In his appearances this season when fit, I think he has shown enough to warrant being a first team squad player. Not sure another loan is needed whilst we are still in the championship. However tempting it is to get rid of...
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    Latte Lath

    Agree he can only really play up front, rather than either side of a main striker. Doesn't look like he has any tricks in him. He would just push and run. In fact, as others have stated, his touch looks a bit clumsy and a funny choice for a Carrick team, where we have more of the ball and rely...
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    Was it a penalty?

    Hardly anything in either of them. No penalty
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    * The Unofficial “Official” Boro v Plymouth Match-Day Thread [02/24] *

    You could see it happening though today. For all the possession we had (surprised it was 70%), we were never fluent or threatening. Full backs, wide men, midfield were all terrible today
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    * The Unofficial “Official” Boro v Plymouth Match-Day Thread [02/24] *

    This year’s team is vastly inferior to last year’s unfortunately, especially at home. I’m not sure how we’ve become so bad at home. As mentioned above, major changes needed. I hope Carrick wants to give it a go with his third team in three years!
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    * The Unofficial “Official” Boro v Plymouth Match-Day Thread [02/24] *

    Really bad. No one seems to know what they are supposed to be doing, even the management team! Could easily have been worse. Plymouth were terrible in midweek but are playing okay and with spirit. We are just terrible for some reason.
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    Dike at west Brom is a prime example atm of an injury prone player. Seb Hines always seemed to be injured when he played for us.
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    Rotherham 1–0 up at Ipswich! Tonight's Champo

    However inconsistent we have been, I don't think we are quite in a relegation battle!!
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    Rotherham 1–0 up at Ipswich! Tonight's Champo

    Yes, even if there was a faint hope - Hull and WBA are slowly closing the door on those last two spots.
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    Random question - did your dad wear Jeans?

    No. No jeans or shorts. Just slacks. He's asian. Probably a cultural and generational thing. Never really thought about it until reading this thread.
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    Next 5 games

    Need the five wins. Need to go on a run like before when we won seven on the bounce!
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    Michael Beale

    Yeah. They should have stuck with him in the first place. Like you say, he was doing quite well until they decided to appoint Beale.
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    Vardy’s goal

    A couple of their headers were sitters. Mind you our first goal was excellent play all round - great team move.