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    Gareth Southgate what a guy

    Agree with this 100%. You could see how much it meant to him to be there last night.
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    20 years ago today

    Sergeant pepper taught the band to play
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    Cole Palmer or Phil Foden?

    I’m now certain you haven’t seen Foden play
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    I see no swipe or put down, only encouragement for Grealish to do/be better.
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    Cole Palmer or Phil Foden?

    Have you ever seen Phil Foden play? He has guile oozing out of every pore. He certainly has more guile than show pony Grealish and blunt instrument Rashford.
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    Everton next points deduction no later than April 8th

    Almost the opposite Norm - a homegrown player is deemed to have cost nothing and therefore any transfer fee is all profit. So, for example, if Chelsea sell Gallagher for £50m, that's £50m profit for FFP. By contrast, Caicedo cost them around £100m on an 8 year contract, so his FFP cost is...
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    Everton next points deduction no later than April 8th

    The first charge related to 3 years ending June 22 and the second charge for the 3 years ending June 23. I guess the Premier League was slow in dealing with the first charge but has got its act together for the year ended June 23.
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    Everton next points deduction no later than April 8th

    I think it is fine as it is, although ideally deductions and appeals would be finalised a bit earlier in the season. As for teams knowing where they are, that's quite a simple one for me. 1. Don't breach FSR and you won't get a points deduction, but if you do breach, you have to pay the...
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    Everton next points deduction no later than April 8th

    Luton Town FC and its fans would be well advised to concentrate on getting the job done on the pitch. If they finish the season outside the bottom 3 before any deductions have been applied, they stay up regardless. That would be my focus as a fan. If they end up in the bottom 3 based on...
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    Everton next points deduction no later than April 8th

    That is simply unrealistic. What you are asking for is final accounts for the year to 30th June to be submitted, audited by the authorities, charges brought, penalties imposed, appeals prepared and heard and a final decision made inside of 6 weeks. Basically there'd be no time for proper...
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    Everton's points deduction reduced to 6 points

    Yes but it would be harsh to increase the penalty for the second breach as that occurred before they were punished for the first breach, i.e. there was no chance for the 1st penalty to act as a deterrent. I'd also add that this is a rolling 3 year assessment, so if the years ending 2021 and...
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    Everton's points deduction reduced to 6 points

    It's got nothing to do with the FA - it's all about Premier League rules and the Appeal Board was appointed by the Premier League Judicial Panel. Everton successfully argued that there is a 9 point deduction for going into administration and therefore the penalty for breaching PSR shouldn't...
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    Cole Palmer or Phil Foden?

    I think Foden has got back on track after an injury hit 2022/23 season and is now fully trusted by Pep Guardiola. He's been overshadowed by Bellingham to some extent, but his form this season has been outstanding and he's still only 23 and improving. His manager had this to say about him at...
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    Takeway Parmo, hot or cold?

    Have always enjoyed cold leftover Parmo the morning after a session, although it's not as good as cold Lamb Madras and soggy naan bread for breakfast when you have a stinking hangover. :p
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    India v England 4th Test

    Well well well…..
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    O’Neil or Wilder

    Gary O’Neil is doing a tremendous job at Wolves. Very impressive start to his managerial career.
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    What does Woodgate bring to the table.

    When you called Woodgate ‘old wooden head’ you revealed your agenda and bias and therefore you are not worthy of any further engagement. Bye.
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    India v England 4th Test

    I don’t know whether the current batsman Jurel is any good, but if he ever has a son, I reckon he’ll grow up to be a super player.
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    We require 11 wins out of 14 for playoffs

    I am 100% certain that 4 teams won't get to 97 points, 7 teams won't get to 80 points, nor will there be a 13 point gap from 8th to 9th. It looks like you've decided the top 8 will win pretty much every game against any team outside the top 8, which simply won't be the case. This is after...
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    Stadium Sponsorship

    My dad still refers to the Riverside as "The Cellnet". It really winds me up more than it should! :mad: