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  1. Bruce

    Academy players - too cautious?

    My theory is that we are trying to be a Poundshop version of the Man City academy while in the Championship. Not sure who thought it was a good idea. City can sell their seniors who don't make the step into their 1st team squad to lower level Premier and top end Championship clubs for multiple...
  2. Bruce

    Academy players - too cautious?

    It really does look that way and I do get the impression that there'll be a massive cull this summer with the aim of fast-tracking the 18-19 year olds. This season has been a massive transition at all levels of the club so it's time to hope that it starts to bear fruit next season.
  3. Bruce

    Academy players - too cautious?

    This seems to be the key problem but is one we're struggling to solve. My understanding is that the reason we brought the likes of Nkrumah and Agyemang was, in part, to improve the quality of the academy for the seniors. Doesn't seem to be working though. I get the impression that the current...
  4. Bruce

    Are we a bit distracted by the Striker situation this summer?....

    Part of the problem is that Bangura and Latte Lath have hardly played so we don't know. Silvera is probably ok as a back-up Barlaser is a good player but not in our system. Glover perfectly decent Championship #2. Rogers was showing signs of becoming a dominating #10 but then got sold...
  5. Bruce

    Are we a bit distracted by the Striker situation this summer?....

    Worst case scenario. Hackney gets an offer he can't refuse, O'Brien doesn't make the grade, Howson goes. Leaves our midfield 4 as: Barlaser. Best case scenario, Hackney stays, O'Brien does well and gets re-signed. O'Brien of 2 years ago and Hackney are an excellent combo except... As Ipswich...
  6. Bruce

    Viktor Gyokeres

    Plus let's face it, Gyokeres had zero interest in signing for us or anyone in the Championship. It was all about the top tier for him.
  7. Bruce

    Who are we all wanting to see replaced in the summer?

    1st team squad Keep (optional in brackets, they can be let go if we get a decent offer for them) Dieng, [Glover] Smith - if he recovers Fry, Lenihan, RVDB, Clarke Engel or Bangura Hackney, (Barlaser) Jones, Azaz, Silvera McGree (if he signs a new contract) Forss, Latte Lath, Coburn (possibly go...
  8. Bruce

    Nobby's Notebook - Plymouth Argyle 📖✍️

    Gyabi is one of my picks for a midfielder next season for us. Assuming Leeds get promoted he probably isn't getting in the team. If we took him for the whole season we could use him sparingly for the first half of the season to get him up to speed then he ought to be in contention for first...
  9. Bruce

    Everton next points deduction no later than April 8th

    A concrete example is Matt Crooks. We bought him in July 2021 for somewhere around £1m with what was presumably a 4 year contract so his "amortisation" amount each year is (approx) £250K. 21-22 -250K = "book value" £750K 22-23 -250K = book value £500K 23-24 this season. We sold him for some...
  10. Bruce

    Everton next points deduction no later than April 8th

    This has been on the books for a while.
  11. Bruce


    The "Brentford Model" got them promoted and has kept them in the Premier league despite a stadium size of 17K. They were the 4th most profitable team in the Premier league last season and have made a profit 3 years in the last 5. They will probably survive another season in the Premier league...
  12. Bruce

    Hoppe, Gilbert & Bilongo

    Guessing we have a potential exit for him. If he's injured again then he managed to play half a season in the US without injury, come back here and get injured twice in training. Implies there's something very wrong with how we train.
  13. Bruce

    You can do a bit of analysis. Last season we had 77 playing staff and 151 non-playing staff. The 77 playing staff will include players at all age bands. The total wage bill (not counting social security such as NI and pensions) was £26m. We don't split out player vs non-player wages but if you...
  14. Bruce

    Team for Plymouth on Saturday

    According to Carrick, McNair played the same role against Leicester as Howson did. Not sure I believe Carrick because I think he tries to keep a certain amount of mystery about how he sets us up. The only team with a worse away record than Plymouth is Rotherham, so we all know what is going to...
  15. Bruce

    Luke ayling thoughts

    Useful to watch the Inside Matchday video for the Leicester match. Especially at the end you can see Ayling is already an important part of the group spirit. You can also see that despite his main career happening at Leeds and him only being here for a few months, he is absolutely giving...
  16. Bruce

    Will Everton points deduction stand ??

    I suspect that it will be reduced to 6 points then the pending penalty will also be 6 points leading to a total of 12 points deducted. Then, probably, Forest get a 6pt deduction, leading to 6 points becoming the standard precedent for clubs who fess up to a simple breach quickly.
  17. Bruce

    Level playing field for Boro next season?

    No, I'm not saying they have an advantage over us next season. Next season, I think we probably have an advantage over everyone but the parachute teams and maybe Watford. Hull will have money to play with but may go back down the loans path because they won't be able to spend enough to keep...
  18. Bruce

    Level playing field for Boro next season?

    Luton have planned to come back down so I would be keen for them to stay up. My preference would be Notts Forest along with Sheffield Utd and Burnley. I think Forest will be a real basket case financially and their owner is a loose cannon. Burnley have spent a fortune on players and will need a...
  19. Bruce

    Burnley 0-5, Sheff U 0-5

    I do wonder how much risk Kompany is under. They very clearly expected to stay up but they're dead and buried now. Even if Everton get deducted more points and Forest a likely 6 they're still marooned. If they get relegated PSR is going to hammer them for the next 4 years and this summer will be...
  20. Bruce

    Morgan Rogers

    Some people here behaving like jilted exs. Really, this is sooner than ideal for him and us but in football you have to take your chance when it comes because you don't know when or if the next will be. He'll hope to impress enough to get some pitch time this season then hope that being...