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  1. Craggsy2

    Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

    RIP Barrow boy. Always put a smile on my face.
  2. Craggsy2

    Any vegans here?

    Have been thinking about but struggle with the lack of choice. Any meal suggestions apart from burgers?
  3. Craggsy2

    Who are we all wanting to see replaced in the summer?

    Sorry to hear that, you must be really disillusioned. I agree with giving the two local goalies a chance. They’ve both done very well in their respective loans.
  4. Craggsy2

    Who are we all wanting to see replaced in the summer?

    Why would you loan him out if this is your view?
  5. Craggsy2

    What is the North

    My uncle from Kings Lynn won't be pleased being categorised as a southerner.
  6. Craggsy2

    What the h£ll are Preston doing?!?

    We should have signed Riis when we had the chance. He’s on fire at the moment. Would have made all the difference.
  7. Craggsy2

    Tony Mowbray 'Get Well Soon'

    All the best for a speedy recovery Tony, I still have fond memories of growing up together and our kick abouts on Lakes Juniors playing field.
  8. Craggsy2

    Will Everton points deduction stand ??

    If they need the points back at the end of the season to survive I won’t be surprised if they get them returned.
  9. Craggsy2

    Burnley 0-5, Sheff U 0-5

    Luton fight back coming up
  10. Craggsy2

    Hayden Hackney

    No I don't want to sell him, he's from my home town after all. I really hope he sticks around and becomes the midfield general for years to come playing in a Boro shirt. However money talks, we are running a tight ship and need to get the balance right to keep us moving in the right direction.
  11. Craggsy2

    Hayden Hackney

    If the rumours are true that he is out for the rest of the season then he may have played his last game for us. He has really struggled since his return from injury so not being available may end up being a blessing in disguise. It should help maintain his sale value when premiership clubs come...
  12. Craggsy2

    Calum Kavanagh

    Scored the only goal in Bradford’s win today. Really still disappointed he didn’t get a chance here. Hope we put a sell on clause in any future sale.
  13. Craggsy2

    The leaked team

    If it is a player should be sold asap. No room for bad eggs in the camp.
  14. Craggsy2

    Team for today?

    Looks like O’Brien is starting then. When was it leaked this week?
  15. Craggsy2

    Matt Crooks

    So the rumour that was taken down from this board earlier this week was true. Personally I think any chance we have of making the play offs will end if he leaves now. We really do not have enough options up front to justify this happening now. He gives us some much needed steel when the going...
  16. Craggsy2

    Matt Crooks moving to the USA in the summer

    Yes, surprised by the rush of comments as if it's a done deal.
  17. Craggsy2


    Can’t understand how this rat is still getting away with it. He’s clearly not a fan. Needs sorting out by the club as a priority before it becomes a major issue.
  18. Craggsy2

    Team for Sunderland

    Is Dieng not back yet or is he injured?
  19. Craggsy2

    Australia v South Korea

    Aren't you supporting the Boro lads?
  20. Craggsy2

    Kavanagh gone to Bradford

    Shame, I had high hopes for him in a Boro shirt