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    Who are we all wanting to see replaced in the summer?

    Keep Dieng - Glover Smith - Ayling VDB - Lenihan - Clarke Engel - Bangura Howson - Hackney - O'Brien Forss - Jones Azaz McGree - Silvera Lath Dijksteel - Permanent departure Fry - Permanent departure - Feel like a move is the best thing for both Thomas - End of loan McNair - End of...
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    The Poisoned Ascendancy Tour

    For anybody who was in to their Metalcore 20 years ago, Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine have announced an anniversary tour playing 'Ascendancy' and 'The Poison' in their entirety. Wild horses couldn't keep me away
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    My daughter got her diagnosis the day before she turned 6. As previously stated you look back and you realise alot now makes sense. They key I think to having a happy child is by getting your routine absolutely spot on and learning absolutely everything that makes your child tick and what...
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    Can you see us beating Plymouth?

    That Hull one was so hard to take, Preston to. They're the only 2 games this season that have truly made me beyond done with football for a few days 🤣 Well Sheffield Wednesday to but thankfully I was so ill I couldn't have cared less 🤣
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    Can you see us beating Plymouth?

    1-0 Boro, Finn Azaz with a wonder strike on the 30th minute
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    My Pup is a year and a half now 🤣 He's still hard work! Took this entire time find a collar that fits his neck because every time he went for a walk he knew how to twist himself out and run away (He's a greyhound) he nearly caused a 5 car pile up at North Tees Hospital being an idiot, surprised...
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    Luke Thomas confirmed

    Sent it to my group chat full of premier league fans who all said the same thing, that's he's absolutely quality and it's a great signing. Good enough for me
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    Klopp leaving Liverpool

    Im a big Klopp fan. He'll walk into any job he wants
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    Panic over at Sky Sports TV HQ

    Mine has a ball that squeeze like a duck and he was very much all over it last night providing a sound track to my agony 😂
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    Onto the mackems!

    Yeah I'm the same with regards to Rogers, hopefully as striker does come in and we can really go for one of those play offs spots! It's the sole focus now!
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    Onto the mackems!

    Last night done and dusted now! Nice 10 days to recharge the batteries, reflect and get some players back. Of course we've got the added drama of the transfer window but I can't wait for the next one! Anyone got any idea how long Dieng, Jones, Bangura and Lath are gonna be out for...
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    “Void between the Premier League and the Championship is growing bigger”.

    It's becoming harder and harder for teams to survive in the Prem now, in the same way it's getting harder and harder for the 21 other teams in the championship to compete and go up, the spend difference is absolutely crazy. Their midfield was worth £200million alone and I don't think we've...
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    How long is Jones out for?

    That's what I seen to, we won't play with wing backs anymore so we should be okay but I really hope it's not long, think a lot of fans realised his importance without him
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    Sunderland v Hull.

    I was watching Dead Meat's Horror Royal Rumble on YouTube, wish I'd not stopped 😂
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    Sunderland v Hull.

    They hate Beale don't they 😂 Seen a few Sunderland YouTube channels who absolutely slate him for breathing 😂
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    Sunderland v Hull.

    Boring this! Exactly what we wanted it be for a 0-0 draw 😂
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    Sunderland v Hull.

    Am I right In thinking Sunderland fans were getting adjitated because Hull had the ball at 0-0 😂?
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    Sunderland v Hull.

    Lots of empty seats tonight 😂
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    Villa bid for Morgan Rogers

    Got full confidence in our higher ups these days to get the best possible deal for our club regardless of wether or not the player is pushing for a move. I think the days of taking low offers are gone now, especially when there's 3 and a half years left on his deal. Didn't think we'd be...
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    Villa bid for Morgan Rogers

    Turn it down. If Prem teams are circling now they'll be circling in the summer when we can get even more money