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    Boro-Atletico Madrid 10 year anniversary

    Weren't Chelsea a part of the jigsaw too
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    Sonny Finch new contract

    I hope he gets more of a chance than Kavanagh did
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    Sunak’s speech

    I feel it's ridiculous how Palestine has been treated for decades we have created Hamas Israel has created them. Through decades of treating gaza as in effect a prison state.
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    The promotion charge starts tomorrow

    I think the 40s Premier league in this division you need more like 50
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    The promotion charge starts tomorrow

    Lose tomorrow will have to start calculating how we going to get the points to stay up
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    The promotion charge starts tomorrow

    We need like 11 wins out of 13 to get into them playoffs it does seem unlikely but if we get the three wins next week suddenly becomes 8 wins out of 11 needed and more doable. Dieng Dijksteel. Clarke RVB. Engel Barlaser Obrian Forss...
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    Carling Cup Celebration 29th Feb at Boro Town Hall

    They is nowt as private as these fans meetings
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    Happy Anniversary

    Happy Boro day
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    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    So are the club planning to do half season tickets next year?
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    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    Well they've stepped down all this fuss and nothings been achieved once again fan groups have zero say in what Gibson does.
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    Which FA Cup game?

    Come on Pearsss
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    Brendan Galloway

    Not for me we should be targeting alot better
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    20 years on interview with Gibson

    So he's determined to see us win another trophy he's going to have to invest for that like. I just don't get why these comments weren't added onto the season ticket launch
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    Q and A With Boro Shop - Thread

    Why do we get the stock of kits so wrong each season? Last year the season started and you couldn't even buy the away shirt. Then for months throughout the season they is not stock in the size I want Small. Also it's probaly not your decision but can we have a none betting shirt SPONSOR...
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    Thrown under the bus!!

    I do think if we just went out last summer and kept Akpom signed Giles Ramsey Archer spent the 40 million or so we would of got promoted this year. I feel this in the long run would save us a fortune as we will lose this over the next 2 seasons anyway. But Gibson has lost the will to spend big...
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    Thrown under the bus!!

    It's alot easier to play the top sides for us it has been all season we are good at counter attacking football. But what happens it the bottom sides give us 70% the ball sit back defend then when we misplace a pass that happens alot they sneak in and score. We simply have no idea how to break...
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    What the h£ll are Preston doing?!?

    Preston do so well they only charge 250 for season tickets have 16k crowds yet still outdo us
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    We should be refunded on the remaining home games We clearly haven't tried for automatic promotion so that's a complete lie really
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    Are we in a relegation fight

    We haven't beaten a side in the bottom 3 yet lose to stoke and QPR be tragic
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    We should be refunded on the remaining home games

    I frankly find it unacceptable how the club has treated the fan base not reinvesting in the janaury window despite having ample funds available with the Rogers sale to give us a chance at promotion. We had record season ticket sales for us in the championship at the most expensive prices in the...