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    Your stories from the carling cup weekend

    So good I read it twice Norman. Are you sure you haven't made an appearance on Would I Lie To You?
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    £40 a year for garden waste collections

    I agree adult and children's health and social care get the most spent on them, however it makes up 49% of the expenditure where I am. Just out of interest where do you get the 85% from?
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    £40 a year for garden waste collections

    Council Tax makes up 30% of the budget where I am. I would call that significant.
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    Richard Lewis RIP

    He was brilliant in Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David. RIP Richard.
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    Which actor(past or present) would you want to play you if your life story was made into a film?

    Frankie Boyle, been mistaken for him a few times. He'd bring some fun to the action.
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    Examples of artists who've lifted or reworked lyrics from other songs

    The Smiths quoted one of their own songs on Paint A Vulgar Picture.
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    Song's you had no idea are a cover

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    Just watching NBA on bbc3 …

    Checkout Larry Bird, what a player for the Celtics.
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    1,000 Green Army

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    This meeting with Gibson

    That is risky, especially if they have indeed invested the upfront cash received. They would have to defer 80% of the income in the accounts as it relates to future seasons. Not sure on take-up, however, could lead to a cash shortage in future seasons.
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    7th most expensive club to watch in English football.

    Where did the figures come from? Chelsea has been highlighted as being much higher. To compare a couple, Fulham you would pay between £755 and £1,235 for a comparable seat depending on whether it's a renewal or new applicant according to a mate who has a season ticket. The price you have is to...
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    Why doesn’t the club adjust the wage budget

    The sales of drinks will have been hugely increased due to the concerts taking place at the Riverside. Each concert must take several times the amount of a normal league game in food and drink sales. I imagine the revenue for hiring the ground will have helped the commercial revenue streams to...
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    The 24/25 promotion charge starts here

    Why was there 6 years impact on FFP? Thanks.
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    Cattermole is on 5 live now

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    First ever Middlesbrough game

    I went to that game and a little ginger kid ran the show in midfield. Turned out to be Paul Scholes.
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    First ever Middlesbrough game

    I've done this before. Bristol City at home in the 86-87 season. Mowbray scored the only goal for my debut win.
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    Help please re Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest

    The Parliament tour and National museum are worth visiting in Budapest. The outdoor pools are also good, just don't go if they are cleaning them and have a pool party...
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    Kieran Scott on Twe12th Man Podcast.

    The club will not account for the £6m add-ons in the initial sale as none of the conditions will have been delivered. They will be realised as they materialise/happen in the future.