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    The Way - Prime Film

    This film inspired my friend to walk the Camino last summer. Took him about 30 days and he loved it because he met so many interesting people. A tough walk for sure tho. I’ve been thinking of doing it 👍🏼
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    Best opening line in a song

    We skipped the light fandango / Turned cartwheels cross the floor
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    What is our best 11?

    Dieng Ayling Fry RVB Thomas Howson Hackney Jones Crooks McGree Latte
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    Picture from Wimbledon-Boro 1977

    I was also at Plough Lane for that game…I remember it as a Sunday lunchtime but I’m probably going nuts in my old age!
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    Skopelos Town.

    Stayed in Skopelos Town for 2 weeks, lovely place with plenty of bars and restaurants. The local bus is great and will take you all over the island. The Mama Mia thing is very low key. If you want a treat go to a restaurant called Agnanti in Glossa (other end of the island) you won’t be...
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    Decent dress watches

    Tissot do a Pepsi bezel ‘sea star’ that looks very nice 🤔 and has Swiss quartz movement.
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    Luke Ayling

    He had played 12 minutes of competitive football since early November and one training session with his new team mates…And some people are having a pop. Excellent debut in a great Boro win.
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    What the Chelsea game confirmed about Isaiah for me

    I’m confused by a lot of fans views of Jones. He’s a winger who can also track back so useful as a wing back. But in the attacking half he’s our main threat. At times he’s unplayable. The opposition often double up on him and he causes panic whenever he gets the ball. We are a much better team...
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    Desperate for a striker now

    Ball doesn’t stick when Forss plays up top, game passes him by. Back in training apparently 👍🏼
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    Team and bench for Chelsea

    ——————-Glover ———————- ———RVDB—Fry—Clarke——— Jones—Howson—Barlaser- Bangura ————Crooks—Hackney——- ——————-Coburn———————-
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    Whatever Happened to the North Stand

    We weren’t quiet as mice!
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    Team and bench for Chelsea

    I’m expecting after today we might play with 3 at the back and wing backs. I’m hoping we have no new injuries and maybe a couple more back on the bench - Djiksteel, McNair 🤔
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    Mount Snowdon

    Done it a few times. Not that difficult if you have reasonable fitness. Going up on the Tourist Track is a pain as it’s so busy and it’s very steep at the start. I would park in Llanberris and then catch the local bus to Pen Y Pas. Go up Snowdon on the Pyg Track (avoiding Crib Goch) and then...
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    Share trading platform please

    I use Hargreaves’s Lansdowne, safe reliable and easy.
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    Matt Crooks

    Very under rated player imo
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    I do like Matt Clarke

    He’s definitely a threat at set pieces mate, our only centre back who really attacks the ball. Otherwise he is limited I agree!
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    Everybody is fit - what’s your starting 11?

    Dieng Smith Fry Lenihan Bangura Howson Hackney Jones Crooks McGree Latte Lath
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    All inclusive ideas

    Cape Verde
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    Giles used to put half a dozen delicious crosses in every game! But Giles has moved on and I agree we need to get Engel on the ball in dangerous positions; our goal yesterday a great example 👍🏼
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    Engel played well today and I like him. But he’s not Giles who was a massive attacking threat at championship level and a superb crosser of the ball. Too many times this season our threat has only been from the right side.