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  1. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Do you like the people you sit near at the match?

    I sit near a chap who leaves after 25 minutes every game to get in the queue for the bar, is about 10 minutes late back after half time, and leaves 10 minutes early regardless of game state. What is the point?
  2. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Carrick needs help

    I think it is pretty obvious that Carrick could really do with an experienced head alongside him to tell him when it’s not working and needs changing. We are far too predictable 99% of the time and when it’s not going our way we seem incapable of changing it until games are gone. I heard a...
  3. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Can you see us beating Leicester?

    It is EXACTLY the type of game we will go and win, especially the run we are on. 4-0 defeat incoming now mind.
  4. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    French Toast

    French Toast, made properly, is absolutely outstanding
  5. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    I feel proper deflated

    Last season was the best season I can remember in years. In some ways even better than the promotion season under Karanka cos of the football we played and the way we blew teams away. Even at the start of this season when we were struggling you felt it was just a matter of time before we got...
  6. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Mcgree - does he start tomorrow

    I can only imagine the meltdown if he doesn't
  7. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Do you think Carrick still wants to manage us?

    Next season is massive. If we don't make a massive push I can't see him hanging around.
  8. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    It’s not going to be Biden v Trump, is it?

    Who would step in though? There is a glaring lack of alternatives. Surely they wouldn't parachute in Michelle Obama? A black female with no previous political experience, despite who she is married to?
  9. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Doping in Football

    The one thing I'll say in defence of the Barcelona team under Guardiola is that they were quite clearly the best team in the world by a country mile, on purely footballing ability alone. This is backed up by the fact that they nucleus of that team won 3 international tournaments in a row with...
  10. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    It’s not going to be Biden v Trump, is it?

    Who would actually decide if Biden runs? Is it purely down to him or can the Democrats step in? It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the longer it goes with Trump gaining traction and people jumping all over Biden's mental state, I can see Democrats becoming increasingly jumpy
  11. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Yet more reports of MLS interest in Matt Crooks

    Some of he responses make me laugh. Crooks has been an excellent servant to the club, who was signed for a relatively small fee. While he is limited as a footballer in comparison to where we want to get to, he always gave everything, never caused any bother and played for a long period last...
  12. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Sunderland Hate Chants

    I've got to say I find the whole outrage at some of the things Sunderland fans were singing a bit odd when half of our stadium spent 90 minutes calling Chelsea fans rent boys a few weeks back
  13. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Love the band but not the lead singer's voice

    Tragic isn't it. One of the all time great voices back in the day, even as recently as 10 years ago he still sounded fantastic. There are some cracking YouTube videos from festivals around 2010-2012 where he sounds incredible. God knows what happened though.
  14. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    A day in the life of Greg Wallace

    I find it staggering that he thought it would be a good idea to commit to print that he only agreed to have another child if they got "help around the house", leading to his mother in law moving in, when he openly admits to locking himself away for hours at a time to play computer games. Grade...
  15. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Man City’s Rodrigo Hasn’t Been on a Losing City Side for 12 months

    He played in the Community Shield at the start of the season, which they lost on penalties, if that counts
  16. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Ted Lasso

    Having watched it more than once, it really stands out how Phil Dunster carries season 3. His character arc is absolutely top notch.
  17. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Ted Lasso

    I enjoyed season 2 but was disappointed in season 3. As mentioned Roy and Jamie are the only consistently good thing about season 3.
  18. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Matt Crooks moving to the USA in the summer

    I thought that. Of all the places to live and play in the MLS Salt Lake City would be about as far down the list as possible
  19. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Is Josh Coburn the man for the striker's job?

    It depends on the players we have around him. When Coburn is fully fit, which he looked miles away from being yesterday, he is effective in holding the ball up and bringing others into play. Forss in particular I believe will play well with Coburn cos he makes penetrative runs from out to in...
  20. Mayor Goldie Wilson

    Gazette Player Scores

    Engel was superb. Him and van den Berg, again, were our best players