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    Second hand EVs

    There's plenty of data around about the lifespan of EV batteries. Both from the real world experience of taxi and rental firms whose EV's have done the mileage equivalent of 20 years or more of use by a normal motorist and from laboratory tests to determine how many full discharge/recharge...
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    Second hand EVs

    I don't know about Nissan Leaf batteries specifically but Nissan EV batteries in general seem to be lasting a lot longer than they ever expected. (Emphasis mine). Nissan exec: “Almost all of the EV batteries we’ve made are still in cars”
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    Who do you believe PO scandal

    According to the info in the article below, she also lied to Parliament about Canadian trade talks. Last month, she told the House of Commons that talks were ongoing. Unearthed memo shows Post Office boss was told to not 'rip off the band aid' before election
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    Proposal for over 65's to retake driving tests

    Accidents UK: What Age Group Has The Most Accidents
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    X suspends Navalny's wifes account

    It has since been restored. X social media platform restores account of Navalny’s widow, Yulia Navalnaya, after brief suspension
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    Holes in football socks, anyone know why?

    It's actually called kinesio tape. It's claimed to provide additional support to strained muscles but there's little medical research that actually proves it's effective. It still appears extremely popular with female tennis players (but not so much male tennis players, from what I can tell)...
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    Great result for Mowbray today

    That would just be so deliciously ironic.
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    All I can say is how glad I am to have been totally wrong about this.
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    * The Unofficial “Official” Boro v Leicester City [Feb 2024] Match-Day Thread *

    Little surprised to see Azaz go off. He's been one of our best players.
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    Where on earth do we expect goals to come from in that team? There's no-one even remotely resembling a striker there.
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    Dad Jokes - all welcome!

    I once tried to remarry my ex-wife, but she refused. I guess she'd figured out that I was only after my money.
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    The end?

    Former president of Mongolia with an outstanding response following Putin's recent interview with Tucker Carlson.
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    Kansas City shootings

    This article talks about it possibly being an argument between two people as well. Still, there seems to have been an awful lot of people injured, for a two-person argument. Shooting after Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade kills 1 near Union Station; at least 21 wounded
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    The end?

    Well for one thing, because he's started talking about them using rhetoric similar to that which he used about Ukraine before invading. The article below is from Business Insider, published just last month. Putin is starting to talk tough about the Baltics, laying the groundwork for 'future...
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    Real Madrid subs bench….

    There's nothing in the OP indicating this is only about Champion's League games. The wording used was, "saw that you can have 12 subs for a game, 12…when did that happen?" As far as I could tell, it was a general point about the laws of football.
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    Real Madrid subs bench….

    Not quite - the change to allow 12 subs on the bench came over ten years ago in 2013. (The line in the margin denotes a change from the previous year). And since 2022, the maximum is actually 15. The IFAB permanently approves five-substitute option in top-level competitions
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    Nice Crooks article on the RSL website

    I was wondering about that as well. Having looked it up I found it's an expression used in American sports to mean good on both defence and attack.
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    Trump's NATO Comments - This is frightening

    No, because there is no "NATO pot." You're falling into the trap of believing that what Trump says about NATO funding is correct. It isn't. Countries pay money for their own defense budget, not into a central NATO pot. Here's an extract from a TIME article about how Trump constantly...
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    Trump's NATO Comments - This is frightening

    How are they "paying for others"? There isn't some centralised NATO military fund that all the countries pay into, and that they then all get to draw on. The 2% of GDP being talked about, is what the NATO members are being asked to pay towards their own national defense budget. So whatever the...
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    Josh Coburn Update at Press Conference

    Technically, I don't think there is one. And anyway, as the transcript shows, he said it was an operation - but then went on to describe it as "a procedural one." I think what that probably means is that it was a laparoscopy, rather than 'open' surgery. Laparoscopy is quite often referred to as...