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    Paul Pogba Banned From Football For Four Years

    I bet this sort of thing is very widespread, but footballers hardly ever get caught.
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    Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

    I don't often watch cooking shows, but saw this show just last night where they were eating dirty chilli chips in Liverpool and Scallops in West Kirby. It was very watchable and the passion of the two guys for their subject was a pleasure to see. I though that he looked unwell. Sad news.
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    I hate swimming. I hate putting my head underwater and getting disgusting swimming pool water in my eyes, ears and nose. I hate noise smelly chemical filled swimming pools. I hate swimming pool changing rooms. I can just about do a length or two with my own uniquely weird swimming stroke.
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    Academy players - too cautious?

    That is exactly what I was going to say. Though some academy players who I think were potentially going to be on the fringe of the first team this season have been injured through most of the season.
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    Wembley of the North - It is bleak for Rochdale

    If a "Wembley of the north" is needed, then why didn't someone suggest that when they built the Man City Stadium for the Commonwealth games? Instead Man City were given it for a fraction of its cost.
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    India v England 4th Test

    This is essentially our last meaningful wicket stand, and the two remaining batters are not going to last long on a dodgy pitch. Great recovery, and that looks like a reasonable score already, but when this partnership ends, don't expect much more!
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    182 days in a Travel Tavern

    He's on ITV breakfast shows some mornings. Goes by the name of Richard now, but I'm fairly sure it is Alan Partridge really.
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    Thoughts on This Piece I. The Times Today - North/South Divide

    I am from near there originally (grew up about 10 miles away from Camborne / Redruth, and I went to colleague there and worked near there for a while). It was a tin mining area for many years but by the mid-80s all the mines closed apart from one that limped on closing and reopening for a while...
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    BBC TV Question Time coming to the Boro

    There can't be many people these days willing to go on TV as a Tory fan, so perhaps if you pretend to love Liz Truss and Rich Rishi you will get on. That may be easier for some people than others.
  10. Steer

    Middlesbrough vs Plymouth Argyle predictions

    Azaz to score against his old club, doesn't celebrate and gets absolutely slated on here because of it. Narrow win for us. They are dreadful on the road and have a new manager who is still settling in.
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    Thoughts on This Piece I. The Times Today - North/South Divide

    Its a lazily written, cliché filled, unoriginal article that does not say anything new or insightful at all. Taking one silly utterance by a single person and projecting that into something that divides one half of the country from the other is utterly non-sensical. If you are going to go down...
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    Trident missile test fails for second time in a row

    I blame Kier Starmer for this missile U-Turn.
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    Candlelight concerts

    Not my thing. I saw something similar where they played Fleetwood Mac, which is a band that I am a huge fan of. Clearly they were excellent musicians, but after a couple of songs it got very boring, and by the end I could not wait for it to be over.
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    We require 11 wins out of 14 for playoffs

    If we had all our best players available, then there would be a slim but almost non-existent chance of this happening. However, we have just lost our best 2 centre midfielders, to add to Jones & Bangura, both strikers, and Fry. Getting McGree & O'Brian back is a boost, but not enough. We will...
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    Europe by Train

    Thanks "Kids" is probably misleading from me - they are 19 and 13. Some hotels will not let you book a family room if they are over a certain age, and others do.
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    Europe by Train

    Thanks. That is helpful. Daunting is the right word for it. Yes - travel to Europe and back again would be on Eurostar. I have not gone into our itinerary in any great detail here because we are still a little vague about exactly what we will do. The initial quote from the travel agent seems...
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    Europe by Train

    Mrs Steer for a significant birthday is keen on 10 day trip to visit Amsterdam or Brussels, plus Berlin, (definitely) and then onto Vienna or Prague or maybe Paris. Stopping at each place for between 1 and 3 nights. We have got a quote from a travel agent for just over £4k for the 4 of us...
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    Hodgson Steps Down at Palace

    He comes across as a really decent bloke. The sort of guy who you would not mind being parachuted into your club if you got rid of your manager in a relegation fight and wanted someone to cut through the insanity of modern football and go about rescue in a solid way. I know that Palace fans...
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    The Chuba Akpom Redemption Arc

    I'm not quite sure what this thread is all about. If you think we have another Chuba from the players that you listed, then no, no we do not. I had high hopes for Azaz when he joined, and he is now clearly getting into his groove and I think he will do well. Gilbert and Hoppe are not in the...
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    Question Time a bit feisty tonight.

    Exactly. People getting frustrated and incredibly angry with our own politicians about the Israel / Palestine situation. But I think I am right in saying that the whole panel wanted the killing to stop - apart from that mad lady. But clearly they dont have the power to do so. Apparently that is...