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    We will do what’s necessary to protect our democracy

    He missed the bit out…….”except when it works and we lose”!!
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    Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

    A little known fact…..Dave was a make up artist 40 years ago and was the bloke who came up with the stripe for Adam Ant. The rest as they say is history.
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    Malcolm Christie

    It just proves how bluddy small town and amateurish the club really is.🤬
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    Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

    What a wonderful few lines.
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    Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

    RIP, such sad news. I watched their travels around Merseyside and like others thought he was on the mend.
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    Losing jones has killed our season.

    It certainly is, he’s like another outfield player…..and we could do with a few more of them.
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    Losing jones has killed our season.

    What fall out?
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    Talking to a colleague (season ticket holder) at work yesterday morning full of optimism checking our rosters for the QPR, Brum and Cardiff games, to then arrive in Washington (DC) a few hours later to be greeted with the worst two and half minutes of football MFC have posted on YouTube for a...
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    Teesworks Scandal…

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    Tony Mowbray 'Get Well Soon'

    Get well soon “Mogga”. Nice to know clubs are taking as much care of their managers as they are their players.👍
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    What have Coventry done differently to us?

    What Coventry and the likes of Brentford do is make a tidy sum on a player and then search established leagues for another gem as a replacement not scour a pub league on the other side of the world.
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    Right then, where does the blame lie?

    “and with the ginger ho approach”……..whoever thought spellcheck could be so funny.😀
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    Greenwood's offside goal

    From that angle you would say onside, unfortunately the linesman isn’t in Row Z.
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    I had to look up at the time you posted this and thought……”Good God, he wrote this on a Sunday morning.😀
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    Trump's NATO Comments - This is frightening

    Most “MAGA loons“ will never have been outside their own state.
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    Super Bowl LVIII

    Jealous.🤢 That’s envy by the way, not about to throw up on your party.😀
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    Isn’t there a reason they’re all free agents though?
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    Doping in Football

    No you don’t need a hat, it will be rife. A blog that was doing the rounds last year from a Liverpool fan shocked that over 60% of Klopp’s Liverpool team were ”ASTHMATIC”!! For me when they won the PL they ran everyone into the ground. Add Leicester to that theory as well.
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    A different view on the crooks move.

    Wow, that was out of the blue, I personally think that’s a huge loss to our playoff hopes. Hopefully they’re paying silly money.