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  1. Otto42

    The clubs relations with ex players

    I’ve watched the Robbo documentary, apparently he heard in the media he was being let go. We were also pretty classless the way we shifted out Warnock, though he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea he did save us in a pretty tricky time.
  2. Otto42

    Malcolm Christie

    Pretty poor not getting an invite originally, but it sounds like it has been rectified now - Malcolm choosing not to attend. I'm more disappointed that 20 years on from breaking that hoodoo we are in much worse shape as a club.
  3. Otto42

    6th Round Cup Draw

    Nice fa cup draw for the Geordies 😂
  4. Otto42

    FAO: Newy

    Who is going to get Rob to get hold of the egg list?
  5. Otto42

    FAO: Newy

    Without Newy's suggested formations it's going to be tough going to Stoke with any optimism.
  6. Otto42

    Everton next points deduction no later than April 8th

    Nobody's ever really been able to explain to me how these FFP rules or whatever they are called these days benefit anyone apart from the established elite . Originally I thought it was all about stopping clubs over spending to endanger their financial future, but only now is EPL spend being...
  7. Otto42


    I was at his debut at Watford away, should’ve been shipped out after that ridiculous attempt on goal from the half way line that resulted in their going up the other end and grabbing a last minute winner!
  8. Otto42

    What is the North

    Anything south of Sheffield is Midlands. Hull the last northern out post on the East and Stockport on the West. Notts, Derby and Leicester are all scabs anyway!
  9. Otto42

    Nice one York City FC

    Tony McMahon - our deadball specialist. Isn't it strange how after a bad result you can yearn for the days of Faris Haroun, Malaury Martin and Bart Ogebeche too.
  10. Otto42

    The positive we can take from Saturday is....

    Yes - if we had got at Plymouth early on Saturday with a more direct approach it would have unsettled them, the Leicester boss said as much with our tactics. We are too complacent against teams we think we should beat at home, see Rotherham, Bristol City and Plymouth recently and Stoke and QPR...
  11. Otto42

    The positive we can take from Saturday is....

    If Newy's on the naughty step can anyone else provide me with a list of random free agents we should be in for and/or suggested formations or squads for Stoke/next season please?!
  12. Otto42

    India v England 4th Test

    Big disappointment for me was not being able to get the last three Indian wickets in the first innings more cheaply. Surprised after the build up that Stokes didn't have a bowl. England are also missing a couple, Leach and Brook so think Vaughan's being a bit harsh.
  13. Otto42

    India v England 4th Test

    Well that was almost as bad as the Boro yesterday
  14. Otto42

    Ayling and Thomas

    I can understand why we signed Ayling, for his experience, but can’t understand the Thomas signing. In effect we are helping Leicester by giving him game time when we have Engel who is developing. I assume it was a bit of a panic when Bangura got injured, assume that’s a bad one?
  15. Otto42

    Ayling and Thomas

    Ayling played well in a five at Leicester. Clearly not up to today’s formation
  16. Otto42

    "you are embarrassing.."

    And particularly good eyesight
  17. Otto42

    * The Unofficial “Official” Boro v Plymouth Match-Day Thread [02/24] *

    Understand the frustration with Silvera, he has some raw talent, today wasn’t his day, but am not sure what role he was being asked to play. Indeed not sure what the team set up was today, a stark contrast to last week when everyone seemed to know their job. All eleven were poor, it’s unfair to...
  18. Otto42

    Ayling and Thomas

    I’ll give Ayling credit for not hiding second half. As awful as we were defensively first half, second half was gutless and too many players didn’t want to be out there. Never thought I would criticise this team for not putting in the effort, lack of quality yes but work rate no.
  19. Otto42

    * The Unofficial “Official” Boro v Plymouth Match-Day Thread [02/24] *

    Really disappointed with Forss too today, went missing.