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    Boro fan recorded making racist gesture at Leicester

    Forgive me if this has been asked before but I can’t be bothered looking back through 14 pages of comments. Do we know who she allegedly said all these things to? Has an individual come forward as being her “target”? It could be that the person receiving the abuse was just an ugly, short bandied...
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    Fao any Billingham posters Chinese take away

    Tommy Lee’s at the Glebe Shops near The Centenary is the best in Norton/ Billog Cash only and no deliveries though
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    SOL to La Riv 33 mile hike tonight Tonight a mixed group of mainly Boro but also S’lan, a couple of Barcodes and even a Derty Leeds are doing a fundraiser for Boro fan Chris Woods (lad in white tee shirt in photo) who had a massive stroke a few months ago at just 34...
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    Doreen's Black Pudding

    Roots Farm Shop
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    Is it Tuesday night yet

    My first trip in 83 was 0-0. Chelski (spit) on the pitch as they thought they’d been relegated to the old third. I’d take that on Tuesday
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    Sunderland crowd

    I think the RF lot would get more people joining in if they sang songs more people knew rather than some of the Euro dirge that only the 50 of them do
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    Wolves fan was 4th official

    I remember in the early 80’s against QPR in a cup replay I think it happened here. Ref pulled up injured so fourth official came on but then the same happened to one of the linesmen so there was an appeal on the tannoy for qualified linesmen to come forward. Boro fan ended up borrowing a pair of...
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    Whatever Happened To...

    Splicer? A short lived early 80’s multi coloured fruit chew bar
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    Massive match this weekend

    “Match abandoned due to meteor strike” is what I’ll be hoping for
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    Chelsea Away Ticket Info 🎟️

    I agree it’s a disgusting price but when you’re travelling to an away game quite often the match ticket is the lesser part of the bill. I’ve already booked trains at £75 return and hotel near King’s Cross at £50 and add to that two days lost pay as I’m self employed so the £18 difference between...
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    Have you ever caught the ball during a game?

    No but I was pushed off the front wall of the chicken run as a 10 years old by John Craggs. Hereford in the cup on a frosty day and he tried to stop a ball going out of play but couldn’t stop and put his hand out to stop himself. By the time I got up some other kid had pinched my place 🙄😂
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    Long covid risk from repeated infections

    Be interesting to see the split between vaccinated/unvaccinated with long covid 🤔
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    What's your favourite Cheese?

    M&S do a white Stilton with ginger and mango which is gorgeous
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    That Schmeichel save was one of those “if only” Boro moments in my 48 years as a Boro fan. We played so well that night and deserved a win. Fergie went on for his first ManU cup. If he’d lost that night the last 30 years of both clubs could’ve been very different
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    You win £100 million whats the first 5 things you are going to do.

    Pay my kids mortgages off (£400k), buy my mam a new car (£20k), get the farm track to our place properly tarmaced (£50k) buy a nice decent sized house in Keswick for holiday base for us, friends and family (£750k) the rest I’d spend on a campaign to ban fireworks so my dog isn’t passed himself...
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    Red n White Shorts: Plymouth 0 Boro 1. Gary Hamilton. 1987.

    Went that day. Set off in a Kenning hired Austin Maestro about 2am after dragging mates out of a nightclub, got there about 12pm after getting lost on the way somehow. Coming away from the ground a car of Argyle lads sped past and chucked a wheel brace through the back windscreen which...
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    If he really said this he wants jailing

    Has Hancock been asked about Midazolam yet?
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    Birmingham bringing big away following

    I like it, one of my favourite away trips. Always drink in The Anchor in Digbeth (Just like the Captain Cook of years ago) then a walk through their equivalent of Over The Border. Old school sort of day
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    Campaign To Create Lasting Hometown Tribute to Don Revie

    I’d put Don O’Riordan and Peter Beagrie higher up on my priority list