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    Upside your head?
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    Can confirm it does not feature any funicular railways or knitting on piers
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    Picture Of The Day

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    Thought I was coming here for this… Peanuts
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    The Reckoning - BBC Drama on Savile

    No doubt Scarborough didn’t want anything to do with it
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    Let’s thank the internet for….

    Teesside TinTin
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    Buckfast ( the drink ) ?.

    “Wreck the hoose juice”
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    Keep it going

    But Edward Woodward almost certainly wouldn’t
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    Titanic Submersible Tour - Missing

    I was reading something earlier about these weights being held on by electromagnets. So in an emergency or loss of power they would automatically drop off and the sub would rise to the surface on its own. Obviously I’m no expert and fingers crossed this has a happy ending
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    North Yorkshire Trip Reccomendation Great little campsite with various pods and stuff (if they have any vacancies)
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    Andrew Tate interviewed

    I’m constantly staggered that this utter tool has achieved the level of ‘fame’ and notoriety that he has. He is a first class, grade A, n o b. That fact that he even exists represents everything that is wrong with modern society
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    On a street in South London this morning ...

    They really think Liz Truss is competent enough to make Team Leader???
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    Iconic sporting photos

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    Great speeches in films

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    Great speeches in films

    Is there anything better?
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    Abbreviating Stephen or Steven to mere 'Ste'

    Nice to know there’s so many other Steve’s on here! I used to hang around with a couple of cockney lads at uni and they called me Stevo. So that stuck while I lived away. I only ever started getting Ste when I moved back to Boro, never like it and correct people to Steve all the time. I’m only...
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    Good evening Hoolio

    Come on now! He’s doing a sterling job