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  1. London_Boro

    The weekend beer and music thread

    Some Drummer Gavin Harrison. Quality!!
  2. London_Boro

    The weekend beer and music thread

    Not a band I was particularly aware of in the past, but..... I think the new Zutons track is absolutely ace!!! And for beer.... weeeell. Am out tonight me and a mate are doing an acoustic gig at a local club. Just a bit of fun. Him on the guitar/vocals and me with the Cajon/percussion and bit...
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    London - Night Out Suggestions

    If you are staying near the South Bank, then head back after the game, go to London Bridge area. Although, the Bermondsey Beer mile is a great shout though. Even just the start of it in the Tower bridge area (Druid Street) and the ones to the left after you pass under the railway tunnel bridge...
  4. London_Boro

    Liverpool v Chelsea Cup Final

    I'm not even watching it. Not fussed either way who wins tbh
  5. London_Boro

    Can you see us beating Leicester?

  6. London_Boro

    Can you see us beating Leicester?

    We'll win it. Ridiculous, but we will. Typical Boro! :ROFLMAO:
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    Statins-im on them whats others experience

    Mine was a little high at around 5 last year, but a check in Nov has shown it go to about 6.3. I have started taking supplements for Omega 3s and 6s and eat salmon once a week, and also take plant sterols which apparently help. Have cut back on the booze a little too, but probably not nearly...
  8. London_Boro

    Car Insurance?

    Mine was £395 last year, renewal price is £566 :oops: I'm not doing to bad really compared to this! 2016 2.0tdi Kuga
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    Car Insurance?

    Yeah, I'm about a month away from renewal at this point. Renewal is 13th March
  10. London_Boro

    Car Insurance?

    Just done Confused and it came out only £50 less than my renewal quote from Aviva, with a company I've never heard of, with a much larger excess than I have now. Might as well stay put.
  11. London_Boro

    I feel proper deflated

    I stopped letting football ruin my week ages ago, usually move on about 10 mins after a game and forget about it. It's the Boro, that what they do!
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    Car Insurance?

    Any tips on good insurers that don't have your eyes out? I just got my renewal quote from Aviva, and for whatever reason the deem fit, they've increased it by £150 this year. I'll be shopping around, but any tips welcome. Thanks
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    Talking is key, keep doing it and don't bottle anything up, more and more people now understand depression and the phrase 'it's ok not to be ok' and will genuinely listen with a sympathetic ear. You'll be fine, it just takes a little time sometimes.
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    Watched the 1st ep of S1 last night. Great stuff.
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    Where is it available to watch?
  16. London_Boro

    Ring Doorbell - Corporate Greed

    Yeah, I got that email yesterday, mine just renewed at £35 a couple of weeks ago so I'm good for 12 months, but I'll probably cancel next year and just use it as a live view doorbell rather than back everything up to their cloud. Screw em!
  17. London_Boro

    And about time. Blue cards.

    I instinctively voted yes without giving it much thought.... then read some of the above comments and realised I was wrong, vote changed. Perhaps I'm a little impulsive.
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    Shorts and T-Shirt weather down here.....
  19. London_Boro

    Adverts on Netflix, Amazon

    An ad at the start of a movie/show won't bother me too much tbh, but if they introduce breaks to show adverts, then I'll probably cancel instantly unless they reduce the price.
  20. London_Boro


    Should't have been a save to make. Their player had all the time and space I the world there. Where was our defence?! That said, Glover absolutely fluffed it, should have had that all day. Never mind, a fairly rare error from him but it cost us the win.