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  1. Frozen Horse

    The Matt Crooks fee

    If you can share, please do: I love good stats. In particular, I wonder what type of stats they are? If it's in terms of distance covered, injuries etc I can easily believe that. I think 20-30 years ago a player's peak years were considered to be about 24-28. I suspect that's gone back to more...
  2. Frozen Horse

    20 years ago today

    I remember sitting on the concourse at half time, not really wanting to go back up for the second half. It felt that we'd won the cup once, then risked throwing it away following Skippy's error. We still were ahead of course, but it felt like they only way was down. I actually don't recall the...
  3. Frozen Horse

    A plea to all football fans..

    It is page number 3 in the s**t bantz song book. Other hits include: Is this a library Is there a fire drill You've seen the ********, now f*** off home. Every set of fans sing them. They might have been funny the first time, but fire was probably an amazing discovery once.
  4. Frozen Horse

    Do you like the people you sit near at the match?

    I recall one guy giving Kavanagh dog's abuse back at Ayresome. For 70 minutes, everything that that went wrong was Kavanagh's fault: attacks breaking down; opposition chances (Forest I seem to recall): everything apparently was down to his poor passing, positioning or tackling. After 70...
  5. Frozen Horse


    Finance probably is key: a club with a 17k stadium will always be at a disadvantage competing with clubs with 50k+ attendance. As for show case and sell, I think there are maybe 6 clubs in Europe who aren't that sort of club. All that changes is who you're buying from and who you're selling...
  6. Frozen Horse

    Do you like the people you sit near at the match?

    Nice crew sat around me generally. There's one kid/young man who sits a few rows back who shouts "shoot" every time a Boro player is facing the goal anywhere in the final third; he doesn't mean it, it's just an immature attempt at craic, but if that's the worst I've got put up with, I guess...
  7. Frozen Horse


    It's great what they have done. I admire them for standing by their manager who took 4 points from his first 10 games in charge. If we did that, we'd still have fans holding it against him, claiming he's papering over the cracks 6 successful years later. But no one can sustain that forever...
  8. Frozen Horse

    I've given up with Boro.

    No idea what to expect today Delighted but surprised last week with the result, but we rode our luck a bit at times. I expect we'll have to take the initiative today, something we often struggle with. Anyway, I've said 2-1 in my bet with my dad; he's gone 2-0
  9. Frozen Horse

    Surely Dieng has to start today

    Glover is a perfectly decent back up keeper at this level. Dieng, if fully fit, is a better keeper and should play. Seems a good time to swap Glover out: he wasn't great last week, but doing it now won't feel like he's being scapegoated.
  10. Frozen Horse

    What the h£ll are Preston doing?!?

    They were top of the league after 7 matches. Recently they gotten a goalscorer back, and that makes a huge difference. I still don't think they'll make the playoffs. Meanwhile, did we decide what it was that Coventry got right and we got wrong?
  11. Frozen Horse

    Who is 100% English?

    100% Angle? i.e. German.
  12. Frozen Horse

    Poor Liz Truss was thwarted by the 'Deep State'

    I think it's a symptom of modern life isn't it? People in general find it easier to believe that they are the victims of conspiracies rather than they may be wrong. It's egotism for the internet age.
  13. Frozen Horse

    Met a homeless man on Saturday

    I rarely give money to people in the street now, but I've have to think homelessness is one of the great shames of any first world country. My concern has always been am I doing the right thing when I give money? My solution has been to make a small but regular donation to Shelter. While I know...
  14. Frozen Horse

    Poor Liz Truss was thwarted by the 'Deep State'

    Is Q deep state?
  15. Frozen Horse

    This meeting with Gibson

    I guess that's a reason to join a supporters' group? It's the same argument for joining a union at work isn't it? Individually, you are easy to ignore. As a group, you can get things done.
  16. Frozen Horse

    Stadium Sponsorship

    Do Heritage Hampers still exist? I could live with the Heritage hampers Stadium
  17. Frozen Horse

    The one that got away - Jesé

    Jese was definitely a bullet dodged, as was Bojan. We didn't use the money well, either in that window or the Summer, but I have to think things would have been worse if we'd handed out a big contract to either of those. Gerard Deulofeu probably was the best of the 3, but I doubt he'd have...
  18. Frozen Horse

    Andrian Kraev

    He definitely, definitely is good enough. Great player. This is why he's certain to go to Hull.
  19. Frozen Horse

    This meeting with Gibson

    I don't think it's uncommon for kids to support more than one team, or flip flop between teams: I was staying with my mate in Leicester at the weekend, and his 10 year old son has shirts from half a dozen clubs. In this day and age, kids are more likely to follow a player than a club As for...
  20. Frozen Horse

    Captain Cook Birthplace Museum Closure Reversed

    Great news. Thanks for posting this, and for bringing the campaign to my attention.