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  1. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Carling Cup Celebration 29th Feb at Boro Town Hall

    Newcastle are organising a night with their 1955 FA Cup winners for later in the year. October 31st is the provisional date:
  2. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Christian Horner under investigation

    He always reminded me of one of those British Empire officer characters in films who Mel Gibson is always chasing with a musket. He's a b****d, he knows it, and there's nothing you peasants can do about it.
  3. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Teesworks Scandal…

  4. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Carling Cup Celebration 29th Feb at Boro Town Hall

    Never mind, we can have another go on Feb 29th next year....
  5. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Injured by moving

    The government will need to set up something like the Cones Hotline to report incidents
  6. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    MSF Chair Standing Down

    People take great umbrage at a very poorly communicated price rise, then think their sense of entitlement gives them a chance to throw abuse at anyone involved in the situation, even those fighting their corner (on a voluntary basis). One of the most irritating things about this board is every...
  7. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Stadium Sponsorship

    He's assigned £5m to 'scope out the project' this very afternoon
  8. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    This Lindsay Hoyle business

    You're now obliged to do commentary like this for the May local elections
  9. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Poor Liz Truss was thwarted by the 'Deep State'

    She's thwarted by a Deep State every day - her Deep State of Denial about how crackers she is
  10. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Houchen on the run.

    No, not like that. I want him to shout it through my letterbox.
  11. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    This meeting with Gibson

    I suppose we wait to see all of the outcomes from the meeting and MFC's response, but with a little bit more emotional intelligence from the people at the club this whole situation could have easily been avoided. Would be great to see these kind of meetings set with fans groups each season...
  12. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Rotherham 1–0 up at Ipswich! Tonight's Champo

    Nah, our season has fizzled out on the play-offs front. We need to win a ridiculous amount of games just to give ourselves an outside chance of 6th, and in those games left are Leeds, Southampton, away at Ipswich, away at Hull. There's been good things happen this season in amongst the...
  13. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Your favourite stand up set.

    In terms of 'bits' that have stuck with me and always make me laugh: Stewart Lee Anti Muslim jokes: Bill Burr's bit on Duck Dynasty and all of the 2015 I'm Sorry You Feel That Way special Louis CK on Good Will Hunting: John Mulaney: There's a...
  14. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Swing of 16.4% from Tories to Labour in Kingswood

    I don't think anyone has mentioned this on the thread yet but: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  15. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    The UK economy is in recession - official

    - worth a watch today
  16. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Finding old Boro fans you used to sit next to

    At Ayresome Park I used to sit quite near the guy with the very squeaky voice and his brother. Was very funny but he always had a streaming snotty nose and a shortage of tissues. When we moved to the Riverside I thought I wouldn't see or hear from him again until a few minutes into the Chelsea...
  17. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    New Season Tickets on sale for 2024/25

    Inflation and energy prices will be the main 'justification' for the price rises, but as the ticket sales cover less than 1/3 of club revenue, it seems daft to me to try and pump that lever again for more, when there must be better ways of raising significant enough revenue from other means that...
  18. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Utd to develop OT into the‘Wembley of the North’

    Sorry, yeah, I've now re-read the thread and all of your views are indisputably correct and I am rethinking my own opinions as a result.
  19. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Utd to develop OT into the‘Wembley of the North’

    Well the reason City are where they are is a bottomless well of state money being pumped in, either for the best players or the best lawyers money will buy. City were a basket case for most of the 90s and even under richer owners they were farcical in the early part of the century. I don't...
  20. Piccadilly Day Tripper

    Utd to develop OT into the‘Wembley of the North’

    I don't think we're in the Dark Ages as a club. We've never ever been a fixture in European competitions and top division title challenges. Since I started watching Boro in 91/92 we've spent 15 seasons out of 33 in the top flight, 18 in the second tier. We're not competing with Real Madrid and...