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  1. h_m_boro

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    Not a character assassination at all. Merely pointing out that, in the past few years he has not covered himself in any glory. Going from Labour Councillor to Tory to......?? his prerogative, but we are allowed to question this, especially the tone in the PE article. Pretty shocking...
  2. h_m_boro

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    Doubt PE would not have printed it if it were not true - usually extremely careful about this sort of thing. Gibson seems to have lost the plot over the last few years, turning Tory, jumping into bed with the likes of Houchen...... certainly lost a lot of supporters respect off the back of...
  3. h_m_boro

    Sunak - Roadblocker!

    So just to be clear, protests, road blocking etc is fine (stopping emergency services) as long as the government agrees with it? If the government and RWM don't agree with its a heinous crime, punishable by jail time. Bedtime for Democracy, huh?
  4. h_m_boro


    Political grifter. He's not going to shake anything up at all, and by Monday will be largely forgotten about. In the current political climate there will be more scandals, wrongdoings etc emerging so the Rochdale by-election will become yesterday's news pretty quickly. Good to see Reform...
  5. h_m_boro

    Paul Pogba Banned From Football For Four Years

    Souness was a big fan of Pogba. Always commenting on him on the Sky games.........😉
  6. h_m_boro

    Paul Pogba Banned From Football For Four Years

    Wonder what Souness' reaction to the news was.......🤔🤔
  7. h_m_boro

    Finally approved

    Double Maxim man myself 😋😋
  8. h_m_boro

    Paul Pogba Banned From Football For Four Years

    By the looks of things he was banned from playing football the second he signed his big Man U contract ......😬😬
  9. h_m_boro

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    Thanks - good to see someone's listening 😁😁 Bloody autocorrect........
  10. h_m_boro

    Michael Gove under investigation by Parliamentary Standards Committee

    Colour me shocked - Gove being caught with his fingers in a few illicit financial pies. Seems his name was cropping up in an awful lot of Tory scams. Still, he'll be cleared, nothing to see here etc....
  11. h_m_boro

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    I have every sympathy with Gibson/MFC regarding the current economic climate, rising costs for everything from floodlights to catering to paying staff to ......running the club. Must be a nightmare for them to keep things going and be expected to produce a promotion challenging squad AND comply...
  12. h_m_boro

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    Representatives of Gambino, Lucchese, Genovese, Bonnona and Columbo families........😉
  13. h_m_boro

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    I think that sums the mood up correctly. Seems a lot of fans are beyond the point of being a bit narked to being pretty hostile towards the club. Straw breaking the camels back? I dunno. Not good. The club have read the room very, very badly and it's left a very bad taste. The "right that's...
  14. h_m_boro

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    If you fancy starting a Stockport (Heatons) Boro Ultras group I could be up for it. We could fight the kids outside the Co-op, get mentioned in the local FB groups with a loud "tut" "WHOSE HUSBANDS ARE THESE????"
  15. h_m_boro

    Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

    That's really sad. They were on Radio X a few months back and on good form - I thought he had beaten the cancer and was on the mend. RIP ☹️
  16. h_m_boro

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    I've never been bothered about the standard of football when watching Boro. It was all about watching Boro, the opposition were just another team (most times!!). Match day craic, few beers with mates. I had my ST for convenience - was going to every home game anyway so made sense - not...
  17. h_m_boro

    Private Eye and Teesside freeport

    Very much a Tory trait, he sees himself as bigger, better, more clever, than the man in the street. Arrogance is within their DNA.
  18. h_m_boro

    Academy players - too cautious?

    The season is over, I'd try to give a few game time to see how they fare. What do we have to lose? If we were pushing for automatic promotion I'd be reluctant to play any kids, but mid table obscurity gives us an opportunity to keep giving a few game time. Not suggesting putting 3-4-5 in the...
  19. h_m_boro

    Tories exploring scrapping Non Dom tax status

    They will consider it, the non dom doners (the ones who really run the country) will tell them they can't do it, end of it. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh - look at the armada of small boats!!!!!
  20. h_m_boro

    20 years ago today

    Exactly that. Daughter was only 6 months at the time, so was up 3-4-5 times in the night, so didn't even have a boozy celebration. Definitely a strange feeling.