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    EV charger

    Check your work scheme… some incorporate a charger and fitting into the plan for a couple of quid extra a month Ours was about £10 difference We have a pod point 7kw which is the standard… not had any issues with it and simple to use
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    Paul Pogba Banned From Football For Four Years

    Usually when you dope its to make your performance better..... Id be speaking to his supplier :)
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    Boro Shop Question Thread Explained

    What sort of numbers do they base their stock package on? IE How many do they order vs sell and what is the break down over the sizes. Can this be changed or is is a set amount of kits in a set amount of sizes? (eg if you order 10 kits they come in 2 small, 2 medium, 3 large, 2 xl, 1 xxl)
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    Could you be a Copper?

    got accepted for one of the specialist services (not home office) 15years ago and would have been armed straight after training. But as said above the starting wage was an issue. I was prepared to take the hit at the start but I had to wait 6 months for a posting and by the time that came around...
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    "Good girl, well done"

    Hasn't he already got form for this sort of attitude towards women or have I imagined it?
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    George Friend....

    Exactly this
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    George Friend....

    Love to have him back here in some capacity...guy is the ultimate professional and a nice guy to boot. Still has business interests around here so I guess anything is possible.
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    Dan Badpasser

    Gifted them the second goal today…. Not for the first time this season and I very much doubt it will be the last. Stealing a living and needs shipping out in the summer
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    Should we just throw in a few kids?

    With the exception of one or two of the senior team I’d start them all over the crap we have
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    Their player catching the ball on the pitch!

    Yeah the yellow was a bit harsh. Free kick obviously
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    Which Stand? 😜
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    Current players keep/get rid

    There is not one player at the club that I would be upset about leaving based on performance this season. We seem to have equal measures of players that are either clueless, spineless or both
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    Out for me. Said after Bristol that his whole attitude was gone. He either hasn’t got a clue or is that fcuked off with no signings he just doesn’t care anymore. We need a strong manager to stand up to the daft **** we have in charge
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    I have long been blessed with the ability to do ”silent but deadly’s” since I was a kid. However my proudest achievement over all these years comes with the effect that air travel has on my “bottom burps” No idea if it’s a change in pressure thing or the food/drink but my god the results are...
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    Second hand EVs

    She can get one on NHS fleet solutions… my mrs has one and it’s half the price of walking into the showrooms Includes all maintenance, tax and insurance too
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    Second hand EVs

    the problem is that any research/data would be flawed as everyones battery use and car use is different... eg charging patterns etc. so I have no idea how they would generate an average im sure the tech will get better regarding batteries in the future but anything electric now and older i...
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    Second hand EVs

    I would stick with a petrol (and im saying that as a current EV Owner.) EVs are great for lease (what im doing) but i would not dream of owning one, more so a second hand one. a 4 year old EV will be looking at a reasonable reduction in battery performance (based on most manufacturers giving a...
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    Bradford v Wycombe

    I’ve seen more grass in a ploughed field than what is on that pitch How have they got it in that condition?
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    SNP and Tories walk out of HOC in protest

    I wonder how many people have died in Gaza whilst this debacle was ongoing… Absolute fcuking idiots the lot of them 😡
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    Will Everton points deduction stand ??

    the only fair punishment is automatic relegation for any club that lands outside of FFP. on top of that they need to stiffen up the accounting punishment to a 10 point deduction for every year thats missed the deadline... if it goes to three years of no accounts or late accounts then automatic...