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    Telegraph article on Brexit outcomes....

    Meritocracy versus the class system
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    Gary Gill

    In the restaurant ordering the wine hopefully
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    MC Post match interview

    Agreed that’s why he has to change it! When everyone’s back then go back to it!
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    Carrick needs help

    He should help himself and work out the right tactics for the team he’s putting on the pitch, OBrien and barlaser are simply not going to work with those tactics yesterday
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    Should we just throw in a few kids?

    He’s 22 and 2.5 years older than RVDB, if he’s not ready for a start now and hasn’t been through our worst injury crisis ever then it’s not looking promising.
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    Dan Badpasser

    The guy has a habit of losing the ball or misplacing a simple pass when in possession within his own half so I don’t think we can say he is good in possession. Maybe caveat it to say when he is not under pressure which is rarely the case since everyone can see our weakness with playing out from...
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    He will learn from this

    Agree with that
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    He will learn from this

    Given our defensive frailties I’d have started with the same formation from the week before and ideally have played lath in place of silvera up front if he was fit enough, if not then I guess he would have deserved to keep his place given his calmness in front of goa with his finish against...
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    He will learn from this

    If he’s not going to learn from his mistakes and continue to blindly play his one way of attacking football he needs to be given the type of players who will play that way or we need to find a manager who can work what he is given and within the brief of the DoF
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    McNair as Captain.

    We have no leaders, if quiet as a mouse Howson is your captain and Dael Fry is backup then you’re in a **** poor position when the chips are down
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    He will learn from this

    Bollox The bloke is learning nothing from these rinse and repeat performances. Change the fooking formation and tactics to suit the 11 players you’ve got on the pitch. A team which is less than the sum of its parts comes down to the manager.
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    MC Post match interview

    He won’t get far unless he learns to become more flexible with his tactics, playing out from the back is lunacy unless you have the players to do it, we have given so many goals away this season from not being able to execute it properly. The less said about this false 9 b***ks were currently...
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    Look where we are in the table, how many times this season have we had the worst half / performance people have seen? How many times have we said it’s ok as he will learn from this? Carrick is the one picking baffling teams and trying to force them into his preferred formation. With the...
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    India v England 4th Test

    Root has kept us in it, dont throw it away in the morning and hopefully get up to 400 and see how the pitch plays for India.
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    Amelia Coburn

    James Arthur was after cattle and cane wasn’t he, the bloke has had number 1s even if his music isn’t to everyone’s taste?
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    The Traitors.

    "We deserved it", while crying - the sheriff lol!
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    Morgan Rogers

    Has everyone forgot he’s just spent the last 3 years sat in Man City’s reserves going on endless loan moves after taking the dollar over games route. He finally broke the mould for 6 months and just when he was starting to prove himself he has gone back to more of the same. Stupid boy!
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    Man of the match

    RVDB MOM special mention though to Azaz who is definitely starting to improve and will be key with jones back to a push for the play offs but sadly lacking a striker will mean we fall short I fear
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    The leaked team

    Out of that squad only the following are good enough for a tilt at the playoffs and only RVDB has been available for at least 2/3 of the whole season. Dieng Thomas Van Den Berg, Lenihan, Clarke Howson, Hackney Azaz McGree, Jones, Forss Latte Lath
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    Bizarre reasoning, he’s not an 18 year old kid