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  1. Mr_Fridge

    Lumley starts v Liverpool tonight

    Yep, he had no chance with that really. Did well on the Gakpo chance straight after
  2. Mr_Fridge

    Horner Cleared… Press Release at 3:30pm 🏎️

    Where is a photo of Jimmy Hill because I need to do a huge Chinny Reckon
  3. Mr_Fridge

    All English premier league team

    I take issue with them excluding Morrison. He was English at the time (and still is?).
  4. Mr_Fridge

    Examples of artists who've lifted or reworked lyrics from other songs

    Martha and the Vandellas: Summer's here and the time is right For dancing in the street Bruce Springsteen: Summer's here and the time is right For racin' in the street
  5. Mr_Fridge

    Christian Horner under investigation

    I’m not sure I’d be surprised if it was 100 pages concluding with “he’s all good, carry on”. (Edit)
  6. Mr_Fridge

    Nice one York City FC

    I can remember that they're not as big as they used to be. Berwick was at the Royal and they gave him the boot about 3 or 4 years ago. He moved on to the Grand who now have given him the elbow. Popular for a long time, but times move on.
  7. Mr_Fridge

    Nice one York City FC

    And Berwick Kaler has been given the boot from panto. 13 years I've lived in York and nowhere near long enough to be in the clique for his idiosyncratic pantos. He'll turn up at a smaller theatre I'm sure, working his way down the panto leagues.
  8. Mr_Fridge

    Nice one York City FC

    Sadly not too much of the 'up' at the moment. 1 point off the relegation zone and Neal Ardley sacked. Former Boro superstar Tony McMahon now in temporary charge.
  9. Mr_Fridge

    Velogames 2024 - New Season Starts Tomorrow Night 🚴🏽‍♀️

    MC with an inspired pick of Lennert Van Eetvelt. Great stuff. And a UAE implosion in their 'home' race, nice to see it wasn't a done deal after all. Well done Alfie too.
  10. Mr_Fridge

    The Gazette have grown a pair.

    Page views down 19.82% year on year. And reputation continues to be trashed. No positive reputation now. MEN down almost 50%.
  11. Mr_Fridge

    Two weeks until the Six Nations

    Have Nachos done the grand slam yet?
  12. Mr_Fridge

    Bradford v Wycombe

    And Sam Stubbs FWIW. Harry Chapman on the bench.
  13. Mr_Fridge

    Will Everton points deduction stand ??

    Exhumation is a pretty drastic step, even for a club from the morally bankrupt premier league.
  14. Mr_Fridge

    Minge to Wolfsburg

    Purile nonsense. Schoolboy stuff. Embarrassing really. I’m sticking to skiing where everyone has sensible names.
  15. Mr_Fridge

    Velogames 2024 - New Season Starts Tomorrow Night 🚴🏽‍♀️

    Thanks to both of you. A gracious reply there. Well done Geoff on winning Algarve and what turned out to be a ridiculous Ruta del Sol. And a quirk of the Velogames site it looks like, when joining a league mid season it looks like it puts the entrant in for everything in the past. Can’t see...
  16. Mr_Fridge

    The weekend beer and music thread...

    Had a nice mini pub crawl in Greenwich down in the little hamlet of London the other day. Despite being down south the beer was good. In the last pub there a few guitarists on. Nice to hear Poor Paddy from one of them.
  17. Mr_Fridge

    London hotels

    Was here the other day. Brilliant option. 👍 1km exactly from Greenwich Park gates, said my watch.
  18. Mr_Fridge


    Great album. This thread inspired me to give it a listen while on the bike in the garage. Brilliant stuff. Now got the (knackered) original album out the loft, enjoying the Armagideon Times that came with it. Someone got this album for Christmas 1980. Not me. I was seven weeks old. My top 5...
  19. Mr_Fridge

    Ashley 'There's a player in there somewhere' Fletcher

    13 minutes on the pitch today before being sent off (on as a sub).
  20. Mr_Fridge

    Velogames 2024 - New Season Starts Tomorrow Night 🚴🏽‍♀️

    It was an interesting 4 way tussle at the top but with a “surprise” after-the-event appearance I’m probably done with what is/was a nice bit of friendly competition, if the goalposts move like this. 👍