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    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    The guy does all this early bird stuff so that fans are trapped in to renewing because the penalty for not and going on a match by match basis is too cost prohibitive. He can mug us as much as he likes almost. The high costs cover over his failings with the marketing department which is rubbish...
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    Glover = Not good enough

    Or someone who can make a tackle, or stop a cross or get remotely close to someone to stop a free shot.
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    Glover = Not good enough

    He rolls a mean 2 yarder to Barlaser.
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    What does Woodgate bring to the table.

    Trying to be clever. How about, probably the same amount as Rotherham, Bristol and Preston
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    1,000 Green Army

    Yes, didn't we play just Graham Kavanagh alone up front and never looked like scoring.
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    7th most expensive club to watch in English football.

    They haven't in the past More of a, so what
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    Right then, where does the blame lie?

    Spot on again. I'd at the commercial department to that.
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    Right then, where does the blame lie?

    Spot on
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    Describe our season with a player

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    First ever Middlesbrough game

    1 nil Mills, v WBA 1976. went top of league.. Programme 10p. Keith Weller had tights on.
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    Michael Carrick's Message to the fans Now and for Next Season, UTMB!

    What great news. Looking forwards to more fabulous possession football in our 6 yard box, more Fry passes to the keeper, more Fry passes to The other CB, more Fry passes to the keeper, more Barlaser coming deep to take ball and pass it to Fry, who passes it to the keeper, who launches it down...
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    The crowd/team today

    Is 45 acceptable?
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    What is our best 11?

    Name them quick b4 they've gone
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    Matt Crooks

    Jeez. Have we just rolled over and died
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    Matt Crooks

    Jeez. Have we just rolled over and died?
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    Team for Saturday

    We really need to get better at something. We get big crowds. These are historically big crowds paying more than most for a ticket but smaller teams seem able to do so much better than us. We don't seem able to develop forwards from the academy. We lose our better players to balance the books...
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    We'll just keep waiting then until these players all turn into promotion / Premier type players then. You see, to go up, that's what you need and we have maybe 2 of that ability.
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    Not sure what Greenwood is. Would like to see Azaz actually break into a jog instead of hiding behind players.
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    Tory govt clears Tory mayor

    Unfortunately, as a whole, labour have been rubbish on the marketing front for a very long time. Think about how badly the economy has been run, how the debt has doubled and yet the Tories manage to blame Labour for that and be believed. If they struggle to do that on a national scale they will...