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  1. Colin Warnek

    Is Ingleby Barwick a 'town'?

    Not for me Clive. Nunthorpe has way less charvers.
  2. Colin Warnek

    Viktor Gyokeres

    Paddy had him in his pocket over 2 legs.
  3. Colin Warnek

    Is Ingleby Barwick a 'town'?

    In the middle you can purchase the knickers to go with the fur coat as well.
  4. Colin Warnek

    Is Ingleby Barwick a 'town'?

    Such as?
  5. Colin Warnek

    Is Ingleby Barwick a 'town'?

  6. Colin Warnek

    "Good girl, well done"

    Gucci Belt.
  7. Colin Warnek

    Heighington Station

    Very much hope so - much like the Captain Cook Museum this is an important part of the area's heritage.
  8. Colin Warnek

    Heighington Station

    World’s oldest railway station needs £500,000 rescue after falling into ‘shocking state’ Grade II* listed Heighington, on the Stockton & Darlington line, was commissioned in 1826 and remained in use until the 1970s Telegraph Reporters25 February 2024 • 8:23pm Related Topics History...
  9. Colin Warnek

    The relationship between club and fans

    I think this is one of the best things you’ve posted admin, well done it came from the heart that one. Perspective and knowledge of the times needed. There were years where a League Cup semi final run would have been utterly thrilling, enough to last a few years or a decade in fans’ expectations.
  10. Colin Warnek

    £19 for a U12 match day ticket

    It's a principle thing, it's not that people can't afford it if they had to. What are the high priced kids tickets going to rake in an extra 5 grand a game? 10 tops. Has nothing to do with the football side or Gibson writing off the debt. People feel they are being taken for a ride.
  11. Colin Warnek

    £19 for a U12 match day ticket

    And? The pricing is for kids aged 12 and all ages under as well. Interesting thread choice for a fishing trip.
  12. Colin Warnek

    All Stands walk out on 30 minutes

    What a load of tosh. This has nothing to do with MC or the players. As 2 who grew up in the NE Carrick and Woodgate will be well aware of that.
  13. Colin Warnek

    Red Faction - walking out on 30th minute

    The running of the football side of things isn't that bad. The running of the comms, supporter liaison, pricing, merchandise just seems amateurish.
  14. Colin Warnek

    £19 for a U12 match day ticket

    You take the p!ss for long enough you get what's coming to you.
  15. Colin Warnek

    £19 for a U12 match day ticket

    Yeah it just seems proper scruffy as fuuck. Screams of bean counters wanting to milk families rather than any consideration for the future generations of fans.
  16. Colin Warnek

    FAO "AWOL" [rf08]

  17. Colin Warnek

    Burnley 0-5, Sheff U 0-5

    SKY is boring as fck they basically just give him and the spitting scouser free home and away season tkts to their games.
  18. Colin Warnek

    For those in the know (football shirts)

    There’s a Rav one on EBay I think.
  19. Colin Warnek

    All Stands walk out on 30 minutes

    The seats got a red lick of paint in one spot iirc :unsure:
  20. Colin Warnek

    The poor kid killed by a dog

    No need to keep such an animal in your house.