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  1. brattleboro


    it may be a lesson,but will he learn from it,certainly doesnt seem to be learning much so far,dieng is a much better all round goalie,yet he keeps on with glover,whos been decent to be fair apart from a few mishaps,we havent had a striker for a few weeks and he wont do the obvious and play forss...
  2. brattleboro


    people have worked us out how we play and hes not capable of getting round that problem,buck stops with him im afraid woodgate doesnt pick the team ,stop tryin g to deflect the blame from carrick onto woodgate!!ffs
  3. brattleboro

    Why Not Keep Same Formation As Last Week?

    injuries are no excuse for this performance!!!
  4. brattleboro


    you can only use the injury situation so far,theres no danger of another team poaching him for sure at the seasons end.he makes some wierd decisions tho,if we keep up these performances he will soon be very much under pressure i feel
  5. brattleboro

    Trident missile test fails for second time in a row

    spectacular waste of money trident!!!!
  6. brattleboro

    Amelia Coburn

    not for me
  7. brattleboro

    All Stands walk out on 30 minutes

    well done rf for making a stand
  8. brattleboro

    Man of the match

    as good as were has to be rav
  9. brattleboro

    Do you think Carrick still wants to manage us?

    Carrick has made mistakes hes not untouchable not trying forss at times up top when we dont have a fit striker beggars belief!!!
  10. brattleboro

    Team vs Preston

    i dont think glover has done a lot wrong since taking over in goal,no hurry to rush dieng back
  11. brattleboro

    The club needs to be very careful

    We are running out of time Ww havent spent much time in the top 6 for a reason and thats because as hard as it will be to some on here to accept ,we simply arent good enough to be in the top 6.hopefully we will get a run going but i somehow doubt it. And carrick needs to start playing forss up...
  12. brattleboro

    Our next manager

    No danger of him being lured away. Needs to prove himself at boro and i dont think hes done that hes been ok but thats about it so far
  13. brattleboro


    he needs to prove himself first ,nevermind matching his ambitions!!!!,they wont be any prem clubs coming in for him at the seasons end im sure of that
  14. brattleboro

    Season over?

    the season is effectivley over,although im sure theres a few who cant see it that way
  15. brattleboro

    Does Engel actually offer anything?

    he was poor,but he wasnt the only one,thats for sure
  16. brattleboro


    although greenwood worked his socks off,hes not a striker,but forss is!!!yet he refuses to play him upfront,baffling!!!!!!
  17. brattleboro

    Ok let’s look at the positives

    vdb gets better every game
  18. brattleboro


    fcuk knows, hes an obvious striker and our best finnisher!!!!!never understood
  19. brattleboro


    israelis are showing themselves to be evil
  20. brattleboro

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