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  1. BiggEggo

    Carling Cup Celebration 29th Feb at Boro Town Hall

    Is Roary the Lion confirmed yet? Im hoping he does a duet with Bill Beswick.
  2. BiggEggo

    Are we a bit distracted by the Striker situation this summer?....

    To be honest, from what I saw on Saturday, we have issues in all departments and not just up top. I watched Blackburn play the Saudies last night and they already look a mile better than we do with Eustaces expertise. Carrick lacks experience and seems to be averse to learning. Not sure how...
  3. BiggEggo

    Some positive from the Gazette

    The Gazette is now just the useful idiot broadcaster for the likes of TVCA and MFC.
  4. BiggEggo

    Which FA Cup game?

    Pears having a great game. Have to say Rovers are looking in really good shape. Fluid attacking play, well organised and working their backsides off. Credit to Eustace.
  5. BiggEggo

    I fkn hate my life

    Deepest condolences. Its tough time to go through but those clouds will lift one day. Lots of memories worth treasuring by the sound of it. Hang on to them.
  6. BiggEggo

    Poor Liz Truss was thwarted by the 'Deep State'

    We lurched from out of touch Cameron the most self obsessed, to May the most ineffective, to Johnson the most crooked and then to Truss the thickest P.M. in history. Now we have Sunack the most self-serving. Some hand of cards right there.
  7. BiggEggo

    SNP and Tories walk out of HOC in protest

    Probably the finest analogy I heard was that the SNP tried to throw a bucket of sh!+ over Labour but forgot to check the direction of the wind.
  8. BiggEggo

    SNP and Tories walk out of HOC in protest

    Uselessness on all sides. They would rather take the opportunity to throw punches at each other and stuff Gaza.
  9. BiggEggo

    Houchen on the run.

    It's getting like the HoC in here with all those threats of fisting and thumbing.
  10. BiggEggo

    Another Starmer U turn

    They are all acting like R Soles. All wrapped up in their own self importance. They don't appear to give a stuff about Gaza. More interested in political points scoring. All of them. Disgusting.
  11. BiggEggo

    Houchen on the run.

    I bet its not straight, or well lit. Its like having our very own Teesside Trump. Then we have his mate, PCC Turner who once received a Police Caution for handling stolen goods. Then you have Michael Gove who probably only got interested in Teesside when Houchen told him we had huge Coke...
  12. BiggEggo

    Lord Sugar ?

    Got binned from the aftershow show too, for making antisemitic comments. Thick as P Sh. that one.
  13. BiggEggo

    Hiyaaaa from ward 4

    GTF Arthur. Pleased to hear you sent him on his way. Wishing you a speedy resurgence Legz.
  14. BiggEggo

    Swing of 16.4% from Tories to Labour in Kingswood

    Nothing wrong with his maths when he is balancing his offshore accounts. Can't wait to see this odious pr*ck turfed out.
  15. BiggEggo

    The UK economy is in recession - official

    Its only a year since they forced all their engineers onto new contracts with diminished terms. Bunch of c@#ts.
  16. BiggEggo

    The UK economy is in recession - official

    Germany just became the 3rd largest economy in the world. Their real standard of living is measured as 20% better off than the average Brit.
  17. BiggEggo

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Preston [02/24] Match-Day Thread *

    And Sammy Silvera might turn into Terry Cochrane.
  18. BiggEggo

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Preston [02/24] Match-Day Thread *

    All I hear is Carricks words as the transfer window closed. "We have plenty of options up top" Well here is the news. We have nothing up top. Bit like our recruitment team. Season is going down the pan big style.
  19. BiggEggo

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Preston [02/24] Match-Day Thread *

    That's never happened before has it?🤣