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    Tories exploring scrapping Non Dom tax status

    I know one household in particular where that won’t be very popular 🤨
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    Q and A With Boro Shop - Thread

    Stock is consistently a massive issue. Customers should be able to get the shirt they want in-store throughout the season, or wait no more than 10 days for anything. Replica kits are an important (and exclusive, because we don’t sell our kits in regular sports shops) revenue stream for the club...
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    Is Paul Weller short of a few bob?

    Never ever seen a good one. Or at least one that’s improved the memory of the band in any way. Honestly better just to book out the main stage of Glastonbury on a Sunday morning and play a CD of the band’s greatest hits, it’s less embarrassing than a bunch of old guys trying their best to...
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    The one that got away - Jesé

    I knew there was one I’d forgotten.
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    Muniz finally getting game time at Fulham

    Yep, I remember it. You'd think talent like that would always rise to the top no matter what but honestly I think the margins are so fine and the role of luck is so high in players getting their break at the right club at the right time, which can fuel their development and completely change...
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    The one that got away - Jesé

    Underachieving left back Gareth Bale and 15 million for Stewart Downing Nearly signed Matic after a trial We had Rio Ferdinand on trial as a kid - in another reality, him and Woodgate would have come through our system at the same time and been our Champions League-winning centreback duo
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    Muniz finally getting game time at Fulham

    Happy for him. You wait a long, long time (and usually for an injury) for a chance in the Premier League as a backup striker and 4 goals in 5 for a goal-shy team, he’s proving he can hack it at that level. Gosh the pressure must be immense to perform if you’re someone like Muniz at Fulham...
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    Why doesn’t the club adjust the wage budget

    Cheers Rob. I’d be interested in that, is there a remote option for the Q&A? @edinboro I think you’re absolutely spot on. There seems to be a lack of imagination and research. If other clubs do it better then there’s no reason why we can’t do the same other than lack of will or imagination...
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    Why doesn’t the club adjust the wage budget

    - your season ticket for the South Stand has now been revoked 😁
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    Why doesn’t the club adjust the wage budget

    That is literally a sunk beer fallacy. Buy the machine. If everyone at half time has 2 pints instead of 1, because the queues aren’t 12 minutes long, the beer machine has paid for itself within 2 years. I’ve said this many times before but there should never be a queue at a sport stadium for...
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    7th most expensive club to watch in English football.

    What’s this for mate, highest priced season ticket? Or averaged priced season ticket?
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    Aaron Ramsey

    Speed of the game and the collisions is night and day. Crash your bike at 5mph and at 20mph and you’ll feel the difference. Also far, far better medical science for diagnosing injuries. In the 70s you’d run off a few kicks but you’d be retired at 32.
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    Went to the new Boro kit launch tonight

    Oh I loved Hummel. I got one of the Adidas ones with no kit sponsor from the glory days of having no kit sponsor, maybe in my top 3 favourite Boro kits to wear ever. Timeless, the purity and beauty of an MFC kit unsullied by capitalist filth.
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    Went to the new Boro kit launch tonight

    God I miss Adidas, and Hummel even more. Imagine having a kit that isn’t sold out and you don’t have to go up 4 sizes.
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    Luke ayling thoughts

    The games I’ve seen I think he looks rusty to be honest, like a guy who hasn’t played in a long time. A little bit lost defensively which I didn’t expect. Happy enough to have him here, he gets a pass for his personality and past quality (and it doesn’t really matter, we’re mid table) but if...
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    New Crystal Palace assistant manager

    Feel bad for Hodgson like. I know his time was up and everything but terrible how he got his P45 and ended the day in hospital, shows the stress of these things.
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    Finances and Ticket Prices

    I still don’t quite understand how the average ticket income per customer is £12.50. Unless we have an unbelievably high percentage of kids and carers for disabled fans - and since walkup tickets are 30 odd quid, I’m talking two carers per every full paying fan.
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    Shocking stat

    That is a really interesting stat OP. A lot of football data is a bit blah but that’s very clear cut - there’s only one cause of, and solution to that problem. Get better strikers (or get the ones we’ve got, fit.) The good news is that we are creating the chances in the first place. I’d say...
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    Mad when you think Southampton went unbeaten from September 23rd until last night, and aren’t in an auto promotion spot. Brings home how competitive it is.
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    New Season Tickets on sale for 2024/25

    Yeah presumably, April 5th for end of tax year, a week for payments to clear and a week for luck. I have no idea when the FFP accounts are calculated from though or if it’s different. Thought it was all revenue in by June 30th for 1 years’ FFP? That’s what I read about Chelsea’s end of the...