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    FFP / FSR - Boro

    I worked in East Cleveland for 15 years or more and obviously knew dozens of Leeds fans. In all my time working out there, I never knew one attend a single game.
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    Ayling and Thomas

    Thought Ayling was the only one who got us up the pitch.
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    Does Carrick tell him to go and stand next to the centre forward, more width in an Arrow Bar.
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    We require 11 wins out of 14 for playoffs

    Whatever happens this season we will always have The Stadium of Light Massacre.
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    Plymouth playing Westbrom tonight

    We made plenty of chances against Bristol but our finishing was diabolical.
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    Do you think there are people on here encouraging other people to walk out, who don't go anyway?.
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    Tell me something interesting about Middlesbrough…

    That Tyne Bridge that the geordies love so much, well we built that for them. It was a small trail election for the real thing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.😉
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    Tonight’s ref

    Are you telling me Man Utd wouldn't of got a penalty for that, they would of got 2 pens and a man sent off.
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    Tonight’s ref

    He was a homer,a coward had one big decision and bottled it.
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    What is Carrick’s problem with playing Forss up top

    I like For but thought he had one his poorer games for us tonight.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Preston [02/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Have they been in our box yet ? We look toothless.
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    We need a Club announcement regarding season ticket renewals today.

    Why is it £1400 for 2 seasons tickets is that because you have to have the best seats in the ground. Also you are a Boro fan and don't go, I can understand that but why encourage others not to go. Name me something that hasn't gone up in the last year, I am a pensioner and can't ever remember...
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    A different view on the crooks move.

    Feels like the end of an era,good luck big fella.
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    Squires on a day in the life of Chris Wilder

    A succulent,pre-packed sandwich ?! Not 2 metres away from a Premier league manager ?! Love it .
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    Should we make a complaint to EFL regarding Sunderland chants?

    No because they will just do it more and other teams who stopped decades ago will start again. The thing that shocked me was parents with their kids singing and dancing while doing it. Imagine that stood singing do you shag your kids with your 10 year old son. Stay classy Sunlun.
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    Fave goals v the Mackems

    Hedleys free kick in front of the Holgate.
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    Ravanelli Loves the Boro - apparently

    Practically left skidmarks on the floor getting out of here.
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    Podcasts ranked.

    The Ratline is class.
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    Miners Strike 1984: The Battle for Britain

    Thatcher had no use for working class people until she needed them to go to war for her.
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    Sam Greenwood's birthday today...

    Happy birthday Sam thank you especially for Leicester.