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    Glover in goal Playing with no centre forward for weeks Playing our only fit centre forward wide right Stupid playing out from the back The corners the corners omg the corners Out out OUT
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    I thought it was absolutely terrible at the time which is why my vinyl copy is still pristine to this day
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    Wayne Kramer RIP

    What a shock. Kick out the Jams Wayne lad RIP
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    This Clapham attack

    Why would you let criminals in when you have a choice? Why take the risk? Sod rehabilitation
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    Is Tyson Fury the biggest fraud in boxing?

    Anyone who saw the Wilder fights knows 100% he’s the real deal an absolute warrior
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    Is Tyson Fury the biggest fraud in boxing?

    Have you seen his eye? Yes it’s an injury
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    Central Park Restaurant

    Overcrowded noisy place with ok food
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    Would you fight for the country?

    100% yes
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    Keith Lamb - RIP

    Boro Angel now RIP
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    So, where do we go from here?

    Go for it Saturday it’s the FA Cup!!! Do the same on Tuesday it’s a semi final.
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    Parking Charges to be introduced at Stewart Park 😡

    Stupid short sighted idea. That said there’s no way I’d ever go there with my dog - too many cretins there with dangerous dogs off leads…
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    Club Shop - Complete Shambles!

    Where do you get replica replica kit from?
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    Passport Renewal

    7 days for me and uploaded pics via my mobile. Very easy and quick
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    Best film soundtracks

    Bullitt The Mission Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid Gladiator
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    Campaign To Create Lasting Hometown Tribute to Don Revie

    Great for a school project but I remember the 70’s well, Leeds were a horrible dirty team regarded as cheats as was Revie. Nothing to see here jog on if you ask me.
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    Ex-Boro players- Where are they now?

    Gary Pallister wanders aimlessly up and down Yarm High Street looking unfeasibly older than his years
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    Barry Bennell dead

    Ah some good news!!!
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    How’s it gone so wrong so quickly

    Did you see them on tv before the game? They looked so downbeat, beaten before they started….
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    Going to see Spiritualised in a couple of weeks

    Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to
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    Interest in club

    Let’s just plod on like we are then