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  1. Beverleyred

    The weekend beer and music thread

    A nice Alsace Gewurtztraminer with my ginagerous Makro pork chop, whilst following the U21’s at Norwich. Currently 2-0 up with goals from Pharrel Willis and Sonny Finch.
  2. Beverleyred

    Pubs for Stoke

    Last time I went to Stoke, we parked a sports club close to the ground and had a drink in the bar there. I think they charged £5 to park. Only problem was it took an age to get out, possibly the worst ground in the EFL to get away from, and everyone appeared to be so aggressive, it was like the...
  3. Beverleyred

    20 years ago today

    I stayed the night before at a mate’s house near Mountain Ash in the valley’s. I met family and friends the next day in Cardiff (four of which are sadly no longer with us). It was a magical day, just seeing the excitement of all the fans, it was brilliant. The cheers, the tears and the...
  4. Beverleyred

    Red faction statement.. ticket prices

    Sing a song of sixpence… This rhyme reminds me a bit of Steve Gibson, especially the part where it says “the King is in his counting house, counting out his money”. All he needs now is a black beard, so he can treat his blackbirds (us fans), with arrogance as he sits on his throne and looks...
  5. Beverleyred

    George Friend - DofF

    DoF to George could be Director of Farming 🤣
  6. Beverleyred

    Which FA Cup game?

    The boring yawnfest that is the Britannia Stadium in Stoke isn’t the warmest place on earth either!
  7. Beverleyred

    Which FA Cup game?

    Haaland the machine, he is Robocop in a footy strip!
  8. Beverleyred


    There used to be a Brentford fan write on here, Beesotted or something like that. Haven’t heard anything from him for a while.
  9. Beverleyred

    Sorry duplicate thread ignore

    This thread is more fun than current home games 😉
  10. Beverleyred

    What is the North

    According to our Southern brethren, it’s anywhere north of Watford Gap 🤣
  11. Beverleyred

    Boro Shop Question Thread Explained

    Everyone to their own, but I would rather be comfortable in a stock template shirt that fits properly than the heap of 💩 that Errea produce.
  12. Beverleyred

    FAO: Newy

    Newyddion - News, Tidings There’s lovely for you, come back soon boyo.
  13. Beverleyred

    Q and A With Boro Shop - Thread

    Can we have Adidas back please.
  14. Beverleyred

    Boro Shop Question Thread Explained

    Can we have Adidas back please.
  15. Beverleyred

    The relationship between club and fans

    As an aside, there have been mountains of comments about the club’s finances in the past few months including the transfer window and ST prices etc. I wonder how much it has cost to incorporate the Ladies team this season? Before I get beaten with the sexist stick, I’m all for the Ladies teams...
  16. Beverleyred

    Ilias Chair sentenced to 12 months in prison

    He needs to be careful, because there is probably a big bunch of ex-con HGV drivers out there waiting to give him a slap. 😉
  17. Beverleyred

    Sky Price Increase

    That’s why they are called Sky, because their prices are ruddy Sky high!
  18. Beverleyred

    1,000 Green Army

    1,000 cider slurping, oggie eating Janners invading the Boro tomorrow - brilliant 🤩
  19. Beverleyred

    MSF Chair Standing Down

    Dana, is the upper case key missing off of your keyboard? (only kidding) 🤣
  20. Beverleyred

    Middlesbrough vs Plymouth Argyle predictions

    You would give Mike Yarwood a run for his money Gains. 😀