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  1. J

    FFP / FSR - Boro

    My friend got a bus from Thirsk. Covid prevented some people coming to games, covid passports/not having mobiles etc meant numbers went down, price of petrol went up and the bus stopped. Wonder how many that lost us? I think subsidised buses would help.
  2. J

    Stockton Calling - The Zutons headlining

    They were very good. I think because of Valerie I'd forgotten what they actually sound like. Saw them in the cornerhouse supporting the thrills many moons ago aswell.
  3. J

    Is the Football bubble about to implode

    I'm anti modern football but like and support those clubs that offer something different (I think we are one of those clubs despite our season ticket prices). I (loosely) support clubs like Freiburg, Osasuna, Trabzonspor, teams that stand for something different when compared to those that...
  4. J

    Michael Beale

    My (usually) sensible Mackem mate said Xavi. I couldn't reply.
  5. J

    Hayden Hackney

    I think he will be here next season. We should also remember he hasn't completed a full season of first team football yet, this is his first, he's in no rush.
  6. J

    Morgan Rogers

    It's funny how times change, people only think about money as being successful. I would have played for Hartlepool/Darlo for free if I'd been good enough, sporting glory over money.
  7. J

    Burnley 0-5, Sheff U 0-5

    Also the top 3 in the champo are the sides that came down. There's usually one that struggles but not this time. Money money money.
  8. J

    What have Coventry done differently to us?

    Sakomoto has been very good.
  9. J

    Hoppe included in Boro 25 man squad

    Some lovely middle names. Who knew Crooksy and Clarky are members of the landed gentry.
  10. J

    Super Bowl @ Chapel Whitehouse Street

    It was a proper good night despite the game and half time entertainment (usher, not the chapel). I'll be making it an annual event if they do it again.
  11. J

    Super Bowl LVIII

    God he was awful, was there nothing better on offer than usher. Alicia Keys came on and I thought 'oh that's better' then he joined in with her and it was dross again. Good 2nd half and finish. The chapel is definitely the place to watch it, was very enjoyable despite it not being the best...
  12. J

    Does Engel actually offer anything?

    Dael Fry is a scapegoat, gets sh it when he plays well. Engel gas some good attributes and I hope he comes good, but at the moment he shouldn't be starting.
  13. J

    Christian Stuani

    Forss is a bit different for me. Should be playing up top now as we don't have anyone and did well when he moved into the middle today on occasions, but he does well from the right especially when Jones is injured. Playing Stuani on the right was as unwise as playing Lee Catermole there. I...
  14. J

    Christian Stuani

    What an amazing record he's had since leaving us for Girona. 216 games, 117 goals. He's one of the rare cases where we the fans knew more than the manager and that knowledge was that he should have been playing centre forward and not right wing. I'm sure he would have been a Boro Legend not a...
  15. J

    Does Engel actually offer anything?

    Unfortunately I agree. If we want to go up these 2 aren't good enough. They both have ability, but too many deficiencies. Squad players yes, starters no.
  16. J

    Dan Badpasser

    He's a good passer of the ball, but he's shocking defensively. Don't see your point with Dael Fry, though, homegrown easy target for boo Boys. Wasn't and isn't the problem.
  17. J

    Yet more reports of MLS interest in Matt Crooks

    When we struggle for form Crooksy makes us tick, and we're struggling for form.
  18. J

    Should we make a complaint to EFL regarding Sunderland chants?

    I think your right, I think it was an over reaction in my part to 'froth at the mouth' because my 10 and 11 year old daughters asked why they were singing "what's it like to shag your kids". Let's just put up with it for another 40 years.
  19. J

    Should we make a complaint to EFL regarding Sunderland chants?

    The paedo stuff isnt name calling, it's based on an event which happened to people, to families and it destroyed some of those families. Can you imagine having your children removed from your care for a false accusation/test an being branded a child abuser. Imagine being a child and that...
  20. J

    Should we make a complaint to EFL regarding Sunderland chants?

    They certainly aren't the only ones. Huddersfield fans were doing it last season and Leeds and Newcastle still do it.