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    Kieran Scott - leaving?

    Everything thats wrong in the world! Thatchers Britain
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    Viktor Gyokeres

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    Best opening line in a song

    When there's nowhere else to run Is there room for one more son One more son If you can hold on
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    Exactly the same even when a few had doubts about him on here I was saying he is a proper footballer and our problem was and still is we dont have enough of them. Thought OBrien was better yesterday too although that might have been because we were battling rather than passing the ball back...
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    Can you see us beating Leicester?

    The reality is as a football team we are poor in both boxes. Not a good recipe. Hopefully we can strengthen in the summer and go again. Today we come up against a team who are good in both boxes. probably 3 nil to them
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    Luke ayling thoughts

    33 yr old Smith who has been injured for a year is finished at level we aspire to
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    What have Coventry done differently to us?

    we got half a dozen full backs and none of them are good enough. Also we cant defend
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    Luke ayling thoughts

    Hes a honest decent player but time has caught up with him. Biggest problem we have this season No decent RB and no decent LB
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    Barlaser & Fry - Beating the press

    This is one of the reasons Hackney should be in his usual position he is excellent at creating angles, keeping possession and bursting those 10 yards which breaks the lines. As been mentioned loads on here it is ridiculous we are playing him advanced where he is half the player
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    Team for today?

    god i hope so, I thought the sunderland game was obvious enough for everyone mind
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    Team for today?

    lets hope we never see it again
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    more to do with not putring our 30 mill rated player in his proper position which was evident against Sunderland and to repeat it is absolutely baffling to me
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    Team for today?

    this 100% which is why i asked
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    Team for today?

    wheres Hackney playing ?
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    Ipswich v WBA.

    both better than what we watched last week at the Riverside. We havent fielded anywhere near a first team all season mind
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    Matt Crooks

    I dont think Matt would be the difference in promotion or not with this squad. As much as I like him its a great move for him and he has done enough for us to deserve the chance to pursue it.
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    Time for Howson to go off into the sunset

    Weirdly O'Brien seems to be one of these that has got better while he has been out. He was decent at left back but I was excited when he joined but I haven't seen the player that was at Huddersfield yet, no where near actually
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    Too many changes in one go at a crucial time

    surprised not many have picked up on this, as soon as he got the yellow he dropped abit of aggression and Clark stepped up
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    Defending for their goal

    story of the season and it was obvious last season as well We are poor defensively. The goals against column tells you this. We will not do anything in this divison till we sort it
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    Pace Pace Pace

    Some people dont appreciate Jones till he isnt there