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  1. joeydiaz

    Burger and chips

  2. joeydiaz

    Who's your money on for the Grand National?

  3. joeydiaz

    The Supercomputer has predicted we will draw tonight 😕

    Never in doubt, In Nobby’s SuperComputer we trust.
  4. joeydiaz

    Is IT still on?

    I dont’t expect us to make the play offs but we are still in with a shout and have something to play for. Every year there’s a form team who come from nowhere, perhaps that could be us.
  5. joeydiaz

    Sunderland parking the bus at Leeds

    Genuinely stayed at that Hotel last stag doo I was on
  6. joeydiaz

    FAO Rob re commercial side of things

    Guarantee if that appeared on MFC retail, both the design and price would get slated.
  7. joeydiaz

    United v L’Pool

    Get Mainoo on that plane to Germany
  8. joeydiaz

    Looks like the SPL is done

    What a goal! Outrageous game
  9. joeydiaz

    Looks like the SPL is done

    Yep, awful that.
  10. joeydiaz

    What has been your most ‘rock and roll’ moment?

    Brushing shoulders with Jennifer Lopez in Gucci, Caesars Palace.
  11. joeydiaz

    Rate your 1-2-3 (Joel, Collins, Sting)

    Joel, Collins, Sting…in that order! A notable gap between the piano man and the others however.
  12. joeydiaz

    Most Attractive Female Vocalists

    Lainey Wilson
  13. joeydiaz

    * Premiership: Liverpool v Sheffield United [4th April 2024] *

    66-1 for 8-0 is worth a sky diver
  14. joeydiaz

    Phil Foden

    He’s the second Phil to be the best in the world following in the footsteps of a certain Mr Stamp.
  15. joeydiaz

    What coffee do you have?

    Cappuccino, occasionally with oat milk 👌
  16. joeydiaz

    Tom Kerridge

    £35 in Harrods aye, my taxi driver in the big smoke said they were spot on though 🤷‍♂️
  17. joeydiaz

    Sunderland petition

    Worst fanbase in the country.