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    Scot Squad

    It's a fantastic series highly recommended
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    Spotify Subscription

    Hi does anybody buy Spotify from another country to make a saving. Any hints would be gratefully received
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    Ha ha quality 😂😂
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    🐙Cut your energy bills nearly in half with Octopus Tracker

    Very true but his usually right
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    🐙Cut your energy bills nearly in half with Octopus Tracker

    Martin Lewis on Radio 5 is saying a fixed is the way forward as the market is so volatile
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    Penny Mordaunt

    Penny is lush ❤️❤️
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    If Carrick goes over the next few weeks

    He has to go we have recruited absolute shoite and has no plan B.Get rid
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    Barry Bennell

    Hope it was a slow and painful death
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    Pressure is on Carrick now like….

    Thats with a lot better squad than this shower
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    Pressure is on Carrick now like….

    We are walking to League One if his not replaced ASAP. Poor squad and he and Gibson should share the blame. ffs
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    iFollow what’s it actually like?

    My Iptv always has the Boro feed on and hasn't buffered so far this season 👌
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    Vermin Media

    They are trying to put my bill up from 48 to 94 quid. I only require the basic and broadband, just like to know if anyone has recently barted with the robbing buggers. Thanks in advance
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    We are in DEEP trouble

    Greenwood is ****
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    Thought on young Sam Greenwood

    Leeds fans at work have told me his absolutely gash. Time will tell
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    Nadine Dorries

    She is lovely lady and likes a wee swally💋
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    Nadine Dorries

    She is lush❤️
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    Neil Maddison

    Watch with the sound off the bloke is a grade A helmet
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    Pm if you want a decent IPTV to watch the games
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    which vpn

    Nord is bang on