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  1. asredastheycome

    Music downloads.

    As said Piratebay is still going. Also look for MediaHuman Youtube downloader.
  2. asredastheycome

    Music downloads.

    I almost got banned for doing that. They pick up on you downloading. Just you the free one but don't even attempt to download.
  3. asredastheycome

    The Weller fella @ The Globe

    All the downstairs is standing for rockish gigs. E ee Loved the Jam saw them loads of times, TSC were ok but not enough to make me go to see them. Solo he is as dull as dishwater but glad those who went enjoyed it.
  4. asredastheycome

    Best boxer ever. Any weight. Any era.

    Centralscrutinizer said: My biggest sporting hero outside of Middlesbrough players around that era. I watched nearly all of the 61 bouts on YT, and some 5 or 6 times (especially the 1st Liston fight and the Trilogy with Frasier and the Foreman fight) . I always watched every televised bout at...
  5. asredastheycome

    Favourite bands.....

    I have seen most of the bands I would want to see but there is a couple R.E.M Beatles The Smiths Hush The Many Heed The Few.........I was Offshore when they played The Knights Marcy Playground ..........................there will be others and I might come back and add to list later.
  6. asredastheycome

    Eaglesfest yesterday

    Which video shoots were done there
  7. asredastheycome

    Eaglefest - Top Line Up

    As was said on the post gig thread (y)
  8. asredastheycome

    Isaac Wilson's for sale £650k

    Good pub one of the few decent ones left in Boro which is grim at best.
  9. asredastheycome

    Magazines You Miss

    Sounds NME Melody Maker The Word Someone mentioned Q. Has that gone. Its been terrible the last few issues I have seen but its been a while.
  10. asredastheycome

    Best boxer ever. Any weight. Any era.

    He was a great as well.
  11. asredastheycome

    Best boxer ever. Any weight. Any era.

    No he was the greatest boxer I have ever seen.
  12. asredastheycome

    Best boxer ever. Any weight. Any era.

    End of thread.
  13. asredastheycome

    Liverpool and Klopp beaten

    And how much have City spent on building this team. And they probably have cheated or bent the rules.
  14. asredastheycome

    Borrow Box

    Thats why they all go bust.
  15. asredastheycome

    Liverpool and Klopp beaten

    Couldn't happen to a nicer club, manager and fans. Come on Arsenal.
  16. asredastheycome

    The Championship coverage on SKY next year.

    Not so sure about that. You would assume that Sky will be selling the games abroad so I would think there will be streams available. You can get all Sky's games on a dodgy firestick already. At least that's what I was told from a friend
  17. asredastheycome

    Eaglesfest yesterday

    Just a quick word on the Preston and Eaglescliffe Social Club. Its a great venue and surprised that local promoters don't use it. The club as I understand it is struggling(like most clubs in the area). It would be ideal for gigs that start a little earlier and finish in time for folks to catch...
  18. asredastheycome

    Eaglesfest yesterday

    What a cracking day even though i had to miss SPIRITS OF SATURN and MAD ONES due to it running a bit late and our shocking transport system. Last train back to Redcar was 22:10. Enjoyed all the acts WITHERED HAND AND KATHRYN WILLIAMS (plus their two impromptu solo sets), SHOTGUN JIMMIE who I...
  19. asredastheycome

    What do you think Sammy Szmodics transfer fee will be.

    Surely the same teams looking at Szmodics will be looking at Lath.
  20. asredastheycome

    Why do I think we will beat Ipswich tomorrow?

    Yes raving not drowning ;) :ROFLMAO: :eek: