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    Rishi the Rat being mocked

    The Blue Steel gone wrong?
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    Who is your favourite all rounder TV Chef?

    Jamie for me, he got both me and the kids really into cheffing especially during lockdown
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    Requiem for a Dream

    There's a UK documentary about alcoholism called Rain in my heart, seriously bleak.
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    Care Home Help/Advice please

    My old man was in Barnaby house in Eston till he passed, couldnt fault it, girls where brilliant there its known as an assisted living place
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    Best Christmas present

    A worx 20v nail/staple gun, love it
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    My Mrs worked for ICI at The Heath in the NW and regularly travelled on the ICI plane with Robbo and Viv
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    Happy New Year

    All the best to everyone, hopefully 2024 is a great year for all
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    Worked all over the ICI sites including the NW as a computer engineer early 90s to the late 90s, prior to than did some temp work for Manpower in the stores at Billingham and shifting furniture around for office moves in Billingham House probably late 80s. Not many places I havent been to on the...
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    Merry Christmas From Chicago!

    Yer Jokin aren't ya.............................Ooooooooooooooo lets dance
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    That Bangura Tune Last Night...

    Me too, I was singing in my head Banguraaaaaaaa, he makes me happy lol
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    NHS Dentistry as we know it ‘gone for good’

    I've had toothache since early November, saw my dentist (thankfully still NHS) he said it was going to be a difficult extraction said he could try but if he failed then I would have to be referred down the NHS private route (doesn't cost anymore) and I would suffer the consequences till I could...
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    Squid game

    I tried to watch it and thought it looked grim turned it off after 10 minutes, my daughter said stick with it as its very good and I must say it is very well done and its the stories, the backstabbing, the alpha people and the psychological stuff going on makes it fantastic viewing but yes the...
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    Unlikeable players.

    El Hadji Diouf Drops mic and walks away........................................
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    GTA 6

    apparently its only coming out on ps5 and xbox series x , so no pc and theyve said it will be released in the fiscal 2024 year meaning it should be Jan, Feb or March hopefully, looks superb a real step up in every department
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    Bob Mortimer wins book prize for debut novel

    tbh Im going against the grain here and didnt like it, in fact I thought it was terrible lol
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    🐙Cut your energy bills nearly in half with Octopus Tracker

    im just in the process of faffing around with home assistant and smart plugs with energy info, I would love some sort of thing that switches on a smart plug say when the rate drops to less than 10p, initial thinking is possibly for a dehumidifier or a heater
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    I had nowt but jip with my playstation and their eero kit, went back to my google mesh and had no problems since
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    Civil Enforcement Parking Notice Charge

    I use the website Parking Link
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    Anyone flogging a 1st car for a young un?

    Now then, My son is looking for his 1st car and I was wondering if anyone on here is selling or can recommend somewhere they've used ? Upto 2.5k and I think he wants a 5 door as he's got his own young un on the way soon Thanks