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  1. RaysLugg2

    Rod Liddle on Middlesbrough Question Time

    I was actually in the same class at school as Rod Liddle, and I know exactly who the “man with a guitar” is.
  2. RaysLugg2

    Early Retirement.

    Same here!
  3. RaysLugg2

    It's That Time Of Year Again - Christmas Music Thread!

    Silent Night - The Dickies Merry Xmas I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight - Ramones Yelling At The Xmas Tree - Billy Idol C’mon Xmas - Cheap Trick We Wish You A Metal Xmas - Jeff Scott Soto & Bob Kullick Silent Night / Chuck Billy & Scott Ian Xmas All Over Again - Tom Petty Rockin Around The Xmas Tree -...
  4. RaysLugg2

    The Big Match Revisited

    I was at that game. What a day out that was!!
  5. RaysLugg2

    Songs that are longer than 6 minutes

    Todd Rundgren’s Utopia - Sing Ring & The Glass Guitar. A sprawling 18 minutes!!
  6. RaysLugg2

    Leicester v Everton

    This commentator is lost. She literally has nothing to say. Alan Smith is almost doing her job for her.
  7. RaysLugg2

    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull Match-Day Thread *

    We want 5. Have some ambition man 😉
  8. RaysLugg2

    Riverside Atmosphere

    You can’t beat a bit of simple… “Boro boys we are here, ooohhh, oooohhh” Or maybe just the compulsive… “Eeeeeiiiiooooeeeiiiiioooooeeeeiiiiooooeeeeiiiiioooo” How about….. “If yer all going to (next away venue) clap yer hands” “Come and have a go at the Teesside Agro” Or “Hello hello we...
  9. RaysLugg2

    Boro 7 Chelsea 2. Burns x 4/Proctor/Cochrane/Armstrong 1978 [V-06:59]

    I reckon about 2 ish. I was only 17 which is probs why I was in the ground early, rather than the Yellow Rose. And yeah, they were older fellas in Donkey Jackets.
  10. RaysLugg2

    Boro 7 Chelsea 2. Burns x 4/Proctor/Cochrane/Armstrong 1978 [V-06:59]

    They did I was there. Assisting with their relocation! 😉
  11. RaysLugg2

    Sheff United v Blackburn

    Blackburn winning on penalties after an energy sapping extra time, would be the best of both worlds like.
  12. RaysLugg2

    The Saudi banner yesterday....

    In the past (70s) half of Teesside (like me dad) worked Tax-Free in Saudi for decades. We even all moved out there as a family for 5 years. Lived all that time in Rhahima near Ras Tanura where dad worked. I’ve lived in the place, it was grim back then. They are obviously trying to modernise...
  13. RaysLugg2

    Bills Bengals

    Desperate start from Buff first quarter.
  14. RaysLugg2

    At what point will people say ‘enough is enough’ …

    Well, then why isn’t he in the Tory party?
  15. RaysLugg2

    Wrestlemania 39

    I stopped watching when Sable retired! ;)
  16. RaysLugg2

    Teesside Airport - more route cuts

    Q'uelle surprise!
  17. RaysLugg2

    The Christmas song you can't stand

    Same here! Utter shyte!
  18. RaysLugg2

    Your favourite Christmas films

    Bad Santa
  19. RaysLugg2

    Lesser known Christmas songs