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  1. spanishman

    Game in Whitby tonight?

  2. spanishman

    Tall football players

    Could you climb over Tor Hogne Aaroy (6 foot 8 1/2 inches)?
  3. spanishman

    This is a very hard thread to write

    Hope they sort you out quickly and you are back to normal soon.
  4. spanishman

    Advice thread

    In gerneral I would suggest some good gerneral advice would be to make sure that you spell general correctly.
  5. spanishman

    Really looking forward to today

    Enjoy every minute of it.
  6. spanishman

    Hanging my boots up after 44 years

    Hope you enjoy yourself.
  7. spanishman

    The Schmeichels

    Sorry about this....... Mi an dad.
  8. spanishman

    The Schmeichels

    Sorry, not the right answer. I will give the right answer after the next wrong guess.
  9. spanishman

    The Schmeichels

    Sorry, not the right answer.
  10. spanishman

    The Schmeichels

    A bit of a pivot to a cricket question with a similar theme.... Can you name the only father and son that played test cricket together?
  11. spanishman

    The weekend beer and musis thread...

    Two Lissie albums played back to back. No alcohol today. As it has been a week with a fair amount of booze. Partly to celebrate a significant birthday for the missus. Just a bit of orange squash and gaseosa (like diet lemonade). UPDATED: musis?
  12. spanishman

    God Advice!

    True. I did refer to it as a miracle on a Facebook page that I manage. About life in the town I live in.
  13. spanishman

    Some unpleasant posting on here of late

    This place helped get this angry, bitter auld man with high blood pressure (managed by medication) though a pandemic. For that I will be forever grateful. Things change, times change. Ways of communication change. Just be thankful there has been this shared place. For Boro supporters from all...
  14. spanishman

    22 November 1986

    Not me, I was most likely to be arguing with my first wife at the time.
  15. spanishman

    My Spanish chicken

    This is another good one. Hot (calor or caliente) when talking about yourself.
  16. spanishman

    My Spanish chicken

  17. spanishman

    My Spanish chicken

    Be careful to never pronounce pollo (poyo) with an a on the end instead of the o.
  18. spanishman

    My Spanish chicken

    I have to admit I had no idea what this thread was going to be about when I saw the title.
  19. spanishman

    Most bizarre find?

    A dead fox in a bin bag. While tidying up a short term rental property. After the occupant had left.