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    Greenwood and Silvera

    Said it since I seen him in pre-season. Sammy Silvera would struggle to get a regular game for Hartlepool. How he has played so many minutes in the Championship is beyond me.
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    Maddo constantly criticising Engel

    Engels performance in the first half v bottom of the table Sheff Wed at Hillsborough will go down as one of the worst ever individual performances witnessed by anyone who seen that game. Dragged off at HT, and in reality it could have been after half an hour. He was genuinely that bad and looked...
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    Cardiff away ticket details - 2,280 tickets, £11 for an adult

    Boro deserve everything they get with the price increase and poor communication, however this is the opposite end of the scale. What market of players will Cardiff City be in for with prices like those? Won’t be able to offer much in wages with Financial Fair Play with that income. Been a rugby...
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    What was the best match you've seen as a neutral?

    2003 League Two Semi-Final 1st Leg Derby: Lincoln City 5-3 Scunthorpe Utd.
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    What has been your most ‘rock and roll’ moment?

    I had a 20 minute conversation with Jay-Z.
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    Albion Rovers fans from Boro

    Up for work so will be going to watch them play East Kilbride tomorrow. May not get there until just before kick-off so can anyone recommend anywhere to park. Is it just street parking?
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    Fly Me latest issue?

    Phew. Thought I’d missed it. See you Saturday 👍
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    Fly Me latest issue?

    In the last issue it said one would be published for the Sheffield Wed game but I didn’t see any on sale under the bridge or by the traffic lights by Temenos today when I went looking about 1:45pm. Was it on sale, or will it be v Swansea?
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    Tonight’s man of the match

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️ O’Brien ⭐️⭐️ Howson ⭐️Ayling
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    Late away points

    Bloody hell, I’ve also just remembered my personal horror of being in the home end at Bramall Lane when Phil Jagielka scored an injury time winner for a previously winless Sheffield Utd in 2006. 🫣
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    Late away points

    Walking back to the car yesterday got me thinking “that never happens to us”. Grabbing a point or a win with a last winner goal. In fact apart from a previous draw v Southampton 20 years ago where we got 2 injury time goals to draw, I could not off the top of my head think of any other occasions...
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    Forss and McGree out for the season

    Interesting one of the “Heads of” in the medical team has gone as to be honest, there needs to be fresh blood brought in as our injury situation this season has been unacceptable for a professional team, and it is absolutely not down to pure “bad luck”.
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    Latte Lath into double figures

    I’ve said all season that Latte Lath is not a finisher, and once again today he evidenced this. Went through one-on-one and didn’t look confident and produced a powderpuff effort. You wouldn’t bank on him. However he has lots of qualities. Pace, quick turn, strong, and a great leap for someone...
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    Were the Soton fans unhappy with their manager?

    Russell Martin has been a failure everywhere he has been and this will be the biggest failure of them all. A manger who “plays the right way” but just does not get the results. This Southampton team should walk the league. I mean look at their subs bench today. Every single one of them walks...
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    Disposable vapes ban

    Can’t stand Vapist’s. And they look stupid sucking on a battery.
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    Anyone read Craig Johns article on greenwood this morning?

    It was a red flag that a team playing in our own league, where you can have at least 7 players on the bench, didn’t feel the need to keep him even as a squad player. No pace, not really creative, and although he scored a fantastic free-kick he has since missed the target with every single other...
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    8 worst Boro players in modern era.

    The frightening thing Gunslinger is that your worst XI plays our current team off the park in my opinion.
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    Silvera's miss

    I’ve said it many times this season, he is so, so poor and just not at a professional standard. I genuinely believe he would struggle to get a regular game for Hartlepool.
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    If you could go back and re watch any LEAGUE game in our history.What game would you pick?

    2 games I never got to go to which I’d have loved to were the promotion games v Chelsea away in 88, and Wolves in 1992. I was at an age where it was home games only. Gutted I couldn’t be taken to these, although in the case of the Chelsea game it was probably a blessing.
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    Team for Wednesday

    Dieng in goal. A back 3 with Ayling on the right,VDB centre and Clarke on the left. Dijksteel and Engel (we are desperate remember) as wing backs. A midfield 3 of McNair, McGree, and O’Brian with McGree pushing forward. 2 up top in Lath and Forss. Gives us solidity and a threat upfront.