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  1. Billyzin

    Tory election phrase bingo

    Off To America.
  2. Billyzin

    Songs from adverts you still remember word for word

    “I’m going well, I’m going Shell, I’m going well with Shell, Shell, Shell”
  3. Billyzin

    Election shenanigans - started already

    Question time-esque. A regular Tory ploy.
  4. Billyzin

    Don’t forget to vote on July 4th

    It seems there are a lot of very vocal non lefty types on this lefty board tonight🤔
  5. Billyzin

    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    Drowned rat?
  6. Billyzin

    Tony Mowbray resigns as Birmingham manager

    Absolutely loved this man as a player for us. Get well soon Mogga.
  7. Billyzin

    Is it worth joining the Labour Party?

    Yeah. It's the one who doesn't look like a typical Jew
  8. Billyzin

    The Responder - BBC 1 ( No Spoilers please)

    Martin Freeman is superb in this, backed up by some very good supporting actors It's pretty dark most of the time, but as has been said, there are some real laugh out loud moments along the way.
  9. Billyzin

    Geordies you actually like

    Have lots of friends and family who are Geordies. Most of them are absolutely sound, down to earth people. However. When it comes to to their football team, their eyes glaze over, and they become somewhat delusional.
  10. Billyzin

    Red n White Shorts: Boro 4 Basel 1. Viduka X 2 / Hasselbaink / Maccarone

    2 games that we'll never forget!
  11. Billyzin

    Same old Royals- ripping us off again

    All enabled by those draped in Chinese made Union Flags.
  12. Billyzin

    A tragic case or a deserved sentence?

    My mistake. The gender of the driver is not reported as far as I know. Whatever their gender, it's an awful thing to bear.
  13. Billyzin

    A tragic case or a deserved sentence?

    Exactly this. The poor woman will have this on her consciounce for the rest of her days, even though she is completely blameless.
  14. Billyzin

    On this day in history ...

    It was a great day😁. Followed by a horrendous hangover the next day. 😵‍💫
  15. Billyzin

    UK Politics in a nutshell

    Not everyone likes the same flavour.
  16. Billyzin

    The tories news slogan BBB

  17. Billyzin

    Hull sack their manager

    Sacking a manager when you're in a good league position worked well for Brum.