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    Names of British towns in song titles and....

    Cumberland gap Lonnie donnergan Cumberland gap ain't nowhere 15 miles from Middlesbrough
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    Amad Diallo

    Should send him off for wearing a man u shirt
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    Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    Who's bothered
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    Post on RTG

    What is rtg
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    Cup Draw

    Port vale away
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    Jacob Young - Look what he's achieved for the area

    At least she will live in her constituency jacob doesnt
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    Mogga - not a Boro Legend

    Not at the boro
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    Mogga - not a Boro Legend

    Probably cares more about our club than uou do
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    Teesside Haaland

    We signed him from sunderlands academy
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    Reputation of man utd

    They have been brainwashing people for years
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    Reputation of man utd

    Who's bothered
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    Do some of you think you might be slightly over-reacting?

    Gives you something to moan about
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    Hes gone he wanted to go
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    Finley Cartwright

    Is fin cartwright a boro lad
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    When was Teesside in its pomp?

    You sound like a proper nana
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    Cheer up Tony Mombrsy

    Great bloke Great manager Big boro fan
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    Rotherham away

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    Away Pubs In Huddersfield

    White rose is ok
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    Premier League urged to "look again at Newcastle owners after US court case"

    If man u get taken over the rules will change overnight