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    Apple Top 100 Albums

    Nobody under 25 has the attention span to listen to a complete album anymore. Music is so subjective that there will always be people missing from a list like these.
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    Who do people expect us to sign

    Louie Barry from Villa
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    Favourite EP or Mini-album

    Requiem Mass by Korn or Phantomime by Ghost
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    Who's leaving then?

    Need to keep our best players. I’ve not seen a single rumour anywhere other than here that Forss wants out or that the club want rid of him. Madness if he leaves, in my opinion. McGree, slightly different case / because of his contract. Having said that. Where would he go? Most likely a...
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    Come on Lando !!

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    What do you call a woman with one leg longer than the other?

    I once took Dexys Midnight Runners literally. Eileen was not happy.
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    Losing to the dross

    This. The original post hurt my head a little. It’s actually worse in that. You can’t “lose” 1 point. You gain 1 but loose 2.
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    Who Did Your Parents Have an Irrational Hatred of?

    My dad used to, probably still does, avoid a cul de sac near us because of a “stupid little yappy dog”. He used to walk the long way around. Said dog must be long gone by now.
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    Preston v Leicester

    Did the double over the league champions and 1 point from Rotherham. Typical Boro.
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    3 players to get us promoted

    Where’s this idea that Marcus Forss is leaving coming from? I’ve not seen anything at all about him other than injuries. #1 priority is keep your best players, and I would certainly include Forss in that. The lad just scores goals. I hope Alex Gilbert can kick on in pre season and become a...
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    3 players to get us promoted

    This is most likely. Mr Scott is probably well down the line with scouting and making initial contact with clubs by this point. I’d never heard of RvdB or ELL. Everyone has now. Their value must have doubled in 1 season, Don’t want the Blackburn lad. One good season does not make a good player...
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    Oldest album(s) that you still listen to regularly?

    Black Sabbath (album) and Paranoid Occasionally listen to Kinks - Lola vs Powerman, that must be going back a bit 1970, all three albums.
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    Last 3 songs listened to on Spotify/Apple Music etc?

    Rival Sons - Horses Breath Slash featuring, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators - C’est la vie Ramones - Bonzo Goes to Bitburg
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    So if we have to sell one player in the summer...

    Every player has a price. Rogers is an example of that. It just depends on if an offer too good to refuse arrives, if a player leaves. Marcus Forss needs to stay in my opinion though. He’s a goalscorer (when fit) and there aren’t many of those to go around.
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    Bands you heard of, never listened to, then blew your mind when you did

    Glad to have finally found other people who have heard of Rival Sons and appreciate their music.
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    Bands you heard of, never listened to, then blew your mind when you did

    Mammoth WvH (Wolfgang van Halen) - having seen them supporting Slash & Myles Kennedy. Also, Rival Sons. They’re excellent. I had never paid them much attention, for no reason, until recently. Really enjoying their albums now though.
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    You are Kieran Scott, what would you do?

    I would put money on; Mr Scott has multiple players on his radar that we have never heard of. E.g. Latte Lath, Engel, RvdB
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    Most Attractive Female Vocalists

    Jennifer Haben from Beyond The Black There’s also just something about Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf.
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    Daily Telegraph - Seny Dieng

    Think we should try and keep him, unless an offer that’s too good to turn down arrives. I would also love to see the faces of the QPR fans, who were laughing that we paid them money a few short months ago, if a big sale did happen. Didn’t think we would get as good as Steffen at playing out...