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  1. festa5

    Shy Tories - Don't Trust the Polls!

    Stick with what? I can't think of single possible reason that so much as hints that this shower of incompetent crooks are worth persevering with (as if 14 years wasn't enough). What are you holding onto exactly?
  2. festa5

    Spurs want Hackney and Rav

    I'm a bit jealous now, I considered that pun and couldn't be bothered. Looks missed out on 29 likes! (it's all about the likes) 😂 I'll set them up, you tap em in.
  3. festa5

    Sunak wants to bring back National Service

    Suppose at least they've moved on from immigrants being the cause of all our problem. It's those lazy kids after all. Longer term if the tories are going to have any chance they need to start appealing to younger voters. He's salting the earth for future tory leaders. Are we sure he's not...
  4. festa5

    Is Luke Ayling “swashbuckling”?

    Yes. I think (as per Ayton News post) right backs tend to be more marauding than swashbuckling.
  5. festa5

    Spurs want Hackney and Rav

    I'm fine with selling our assets for big money if we fail to go up, but there's a balance and we need to at least have a proper go with these assets in place before cashing in. Due to turnover of players and injuries last season was effectively a transition season. We've got a good nucleus of...
  6. festa5

    Spurs want Hackney and Rav

    I'd be adding at least £5m to any fee. A Daniel Levy tax.
  7. festa5


    Yep, it's a really good combination him and Jones. If Jones has a weakness it's decision making, something Ayling looks to be exceptional at. Good match of an intelligent footballer in Ayling and more of an unpredictable maverick in Jones. They'll cause sides lots of problems next year.
  8. festa5

    The wokerati are coming for 30p Lee's Full English Breakfast

    He's the living embodiment of a Stewart Lee sketch.
  9. festa5

    Jeremy Corbyn to stand as independent at general election

    If I was him I'd have considered joining the greens. Another green MP would be a big plus. Assume he feels he's either not closely enough aligned to their policies (although I'd guess he's closer to the than he is to Labour at present) or it makes more of a statement winning as an independent.
  10. festa5

    TV Leadership Debates

    Didnt May take a similar approach of dodging debates? Worked for Johnson (God knows why) backfired for May. I agree with the school of thought that Starmer would absolutely rinse the little pr*ck. But also agree Sunak has nothing to lose. He'd probably just use them to throw some mud in...
  11. festa5

    Zac Hemming

    For us? bull****. There you go, dead easy this dismissing others opinions malarkey.
  12. festa5

    Zac Hemming

    Think some people are blinded by the name when it comes to Given. He was pretty good, didn't really put a foot wrong. But he was playing in a defensive team and didn't have much to do. The way some go on, you'd think he was pulling off world class saves every week. Just a steady safe pair of...
  13. festa5

    Zac Hemming

    Think he's better than decent. But would agree he's not amazing. Thing is it's been a problem position for ages and it finally looks to be sorted with Dieng. I'd be disappointed if we ended up going back to square one with trying to find a reliable number 1.
  14. festa5

    Don’t forget to vote on July 4th

    Well it certainly changed in 14 years under tory rule. I used to be able to get an NHS dentist. I could get a routine GP appointment within 48 hours (if not sooner). If I went to A&E I'd be seen within 4 hours. Ambulances turned up in time to save lives..... And that's just the NHS. So...
  15. festa5

    Don’t forget to vote on July 4th

    And NHS waiting lists were just as bad, poverty was just high, crime was through the roof, the economy was a mess....... oh no wait 🙄 Were they perfect? No. We're they at least 100% better than this government? Yes. You either have an agenda or must be an idiot if you can't see the...
  16. festa5

    Don’t forget to vote on July 4th

    Pretty easy to tell apart really. One has been in power for 14 years and is responsible for, well pretty much everything wrong with the country. The other hasn't. The tories try and act like Labour have somehow had influence over it. It's not all the tories fault etc. Damn the Liberal lefty...
  17. festa5

    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    Could the announcement actually be? .......
  18. festa5

    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    Lovely stuff. Let them tear themselves apart. 🤞
  19. festa5

    Reason why Steve Round left Arsenal

    It's fine when things are going well. As we saw with Karanka, not so good when you hit a wobble. If Karanka had the season Carrick has just had, I think he'd have jumped or been pushed by now.
  20. festa5

    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    Yes. It does bring to mind.....