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  1. BobUpnDown

    Under 17's England v Spain

    Spain lost it mentally, England reacted a little & let their emotions take over though fortunately nothing more than that.. Would have been stupid to get sent off & miss a knockout game..
  2. BobUpnDown

    Under 17's England v Spain

    Excellent pass, thought he'd messed it up but - that - was the pass..
  3. BobUpnDown

    Spurs want Hackney and Rav

    I think both want & need to play - if they go to Spurs, just look at what happened to the last fella we sold them - bombed.. Rav joined us because he saw what joining Liverpool did for his brother: loaned out everywhere..
  4. BobUpnDown

    I want your predictions for next season’s championship.

    Right now before transfers... 1: Sheff Utd 2: Boro ( I may have Boro goggles on ) Playoffs: Luton, WBA, Sheff Wed, Coventry..
  5. BobUpnDown

    The end?

    A decent read & some good points - An “America First” World - What Trump’s Return Might Mean for Global Order
  6. BobUpnDown

    Locked out of Outlook ( Microsoft Self Service Password Reset & account unlock shortcut link ) Links to full URL:
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    Starmer wants to drop voting age to 16

    :-D you can certainly see why Labour would reduce the age - I was aware of the trope that 'the older you get the more conservative you become' though fek I didn't think it was THAT marked.. ( & who the hell is voting for Reform?? - hopefully split the Tory vote further )
  8. BobUpnDown

    Bill Gates

    I used to get Subbuteo sets from his store in Dundas arcade - they were the old school style with textured kits.. nice they had a great life together, it seems, though not the way anyone should go..
  9. BobUpnDown

    Starmer wants to drop voting age to 16

    I don't - many i've talked to, after you get past the 'they are all liars & as bad as each other' view of politicians - want a better world for their grand kids than anything for themselves.. 15-17 = 2m ( seems to be about 1m per year ) 80+ = 4m
  10. BobUpnDown

    Starmer wants to drop voting age to 16

    though by 60 you'll have far more life experiences & - should - be able to at least vote with a clue as to why you're doing it At 16 & esp with social media their world view can be influenced greatly.. Many of all ages are influenced by headline & few will delve too much past the soundbite, if...
  11. BobUpnDown

    Bill Gates just had a read of that & it's a bad way to go.. While watching a documentary by Alan Shearer on the subject in 2017, she asked her husband if, knowing everything they did now, he would do it all again. "He said 'I would've stopped in a...
  12. BobUpnDown

    New Yorker banned article on Lucy Letby

    Guilty for me 10 months of evidence, provided & challenged..
  13. BobUpnDown

    New Yorker banned article on Lucy Letby

    isn't that the guilty verdict they gave? they sat through the longest murder trial in UK history - they have had the evidence presented to them & made their decision - including, not guilty on a couple of counts.. "..Letby, originally...
  14. BobUpnDown

    TV Leadership Debates

    many labour voters voted leave - they turned out unfortunately - due to the 4th July election date - I can imagine a disproportionate number of younger voters not bothering to vote as they've 'better' things to do or 'don't see the point' & - that - could, imho be more decisive esp in marginal...
  15. BobUpnDown

    Zac Hemming

    Both Zac & Sol have 2 years left on current deals.. I'd expect one to stay & sign a new deal the other to be loaned out or possibly sold..
  16. BobUpnDown

    Where would Celtic finish in the Premier League?

    They'd eventually be up with the leading pack however initially they'd not get up to mid table.. relegation strugglers I'd imagine - we had two of the SPLs top scorers play for us - in the Championship - & they failed miserably to score..
  17. BobUpnDown

    Smoggie Queens

    Too me a second or two then remembered Luke Warm 😂👍 Which I think is a fantastic term to be used, esp of the time it was written in..
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    I looked at them though it's just putting them into a new pension, I wanted to just pool all into on existing pot, rather than merge all into yet another policy..
  19. BobUpnDown

    UEFA Finals are free on Discovery+

    Joined via the discovery+ website..
  20. BobUpnDown

    How is your alcohol free journey going?

    Corona Zero working well, 56 calories per bottle, no hangovers is great, never a big drinker before so easy for me.. Do miss an occasional bottle of white wine with food, have tried 0% wine but it's just not a quality product yet - sickly sweet..