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  1. Lottowyn

    Is Luke Ayling “swashbuckling”?

    Not too sure whether his swash is buckled, but it says a lot for him , when I remember disliking Ayling whenever he played against us.
  2. Lottowyn

    Farage not bothering with UK election to focus on trying to get Trump re-elected

    I know Sunak is well behind in the polls,but perhaps he was vainly clutching at straws when he selected early July as the General Election date. Sunak’s reasoning might be that Farage was always going to support Trump. Starmer is probably not going to need the Reform Party but without Farage...
  3. Lottowyn

    Where does the north start?

    Where does the North start ? It starts where the South ends.
  4. Lottowyn

    Lindy Delapenha: Boro’s Jamaican legend

    I think it was one of a series of friendles commemorating Boro’s new floodlights. I went to 2 other of these floodlit friendlies and from memory we lost to Hibernian 0-6, but beat Celtic 5-0.
  5. Lottowyn

    Favourite City in the UK

    I like Brighton.
  6. Lottowyn

    Lindy Delapenha: Boro’s Jamaican legend

    I remember Lindy’s penalty against Sunderland in that “friendly game”. As if Boro ever played friendly against Sunderland. I was in the bob end where the penalty was given at Ayresome Park. The ball went just inside the post and through the netting which may have been loose at ground level. Stan...
  7. Lottowyn

    Am I just a miserable old git- I hate this time of year

    Had a place near Javea. Loved it. Wearing T-shirt, shorts and sandals for most of the year. Even liked gota fria.
  8. Lottowyn

    Norwich and WBA

    After a season where we did the double over the Champions and only got 1 point against the leagues worst side, we should concentrate on beating relegation fodder.
  9. Lottowyn

    Untaxed Vehicles Seized

    Not really bothered Glover. T’was a joke.
  10. Lottowyn

    Online share accounts

    Sucdens are my broker. They’re the best.
  11. Lottowyn

    New contract for Carrick

    Excellent news . I would rather have Michael Carrick as Boro manager than any other. And don’t say what about Pep. He would want more than all Steve Gibson’s money just to start buying and building his team.
  12. Lottowyn

    Untaxed Vehicles Seized

    Not saying it is not better, but that tax disc stuck on the window meant a lot to some people. Now you cannot tell whether your neighbour has paid up, so it’s pointless shopping them to the cop shop.
  13. Lottowyn

    Come on then tonight...Leeds or Norwich??

    Too busy with his operettas.
  14. Lottowyn

    Come on then tonight...Leeds or Norwich??

    I have always thought that Leeds would be promoted and I still think, and hope, so. Let’s get them out of our way for Boro’s promotion drive next season.
  15. Lottowyn

    Untaxed Vehicles Seized

    When they stopped issuing tax discs for the road fund licence, it was obviously going to be a disaster. When a person has nothing to prove he has a taxed car (except a receipt from the PO ,if you ask for one ) then there was always going to be a flood of people who didn’t bother parting with...
  16. Lottowyn

    Post office / Horizon inquiry

    I wonder how Mr Ed of the Liberals will perform. His version of handling the Post Office disaster when he was in power was, if he got any communications re the PO computer etc was just to shelve them without answering. He’s probably going to use this method if the public are stupid enough to...
  17. Lottowyn

    Man City

    I am a Boro supporter. It must be awful to follow a team who keeps on winning.😩
  18. Lottowyn

    IPL Cricket.

    It’s always been in my bucket list to go to a top baseball game in the USA. I suppose the nearest imitation is IPL.
  19. Lottowyn

    What do Thursday's results indicate for the election?

    Loose talk costs lives. Be like Dad, keep Mum.
  20. Lottowyn

    What do Thursday's results indicate for the election?

    What do Thursdays results mean you ask ? Easy, Labour will win by a street. Unless they keep sending Anneliese Dodds out on TV and ruin peoples breakfasts.