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    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    Let’s see what dregs are underneath the barrel. After scrapping it out for the 2019 lot
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    Rishi Sunaks leaving drinks

    Leaving on a jet plane?
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    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    And so it starts:
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    Big Cats roaming wild in the UK?

    I just watched the Josh widdicome and nish kumar second episode of the new series of hold the front page on sky last night and they try and find the beast of Cumbria. Quite a few interesting bits about big cats in the uk
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    New portrait of the king

    I saw this (rather long) tweet, which seems pretty accurate to me.
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    Favourite EP or Mini-album

    As mentioned above Jar of Flies is great but for me fear factory - fear is the mindkiller.
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    FA Youth Cup

    I used to play in the same TJA side as Allen white. Was a good player and played quite a bit of lower league stuff.
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    Best headed goals

    This one from Pollock is pretty special
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    NFL draft starts tonight.

    They were never starting Wilson or stidham and nix just seemed to fit. Dolphins desperate for OL, draft a speedy edge rusher? I guess with Chubb and Phillips coming off injuries we needed depth and probably easier to address in the second
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    NFL draft starts tonight.

    I have a feeling that he ends up going to Denver in the first . Seems very much a Payton player and they definitely need a QB.
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    Gibbo and Houchen - fallen out

    The issue with buses is 2 fold. Costs and reliability. People don’t use them as much because of both. A better joined up service around Teesside would increase use.
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    Gibbo and Houchen - fallen out

    Probably because there’s not many seats. Seems like you use airport a lot and having a local one benefits you quite a bit but most people don’t (as the numbers show). Maybe some people would consider tackling child poverty, crime, education, buses, trains etc as more important uses of public money
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    Last 3 songs listened to on Spotify/Apple Music etc?

    Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes: Fangs HotWax : Treasure The Offspring: The Kids Ain’t Alright From my Download 24 playlist
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    A Mayor For Tees Valley

    Exactly the last part was shocking. The presenter asked about working together across party after the election to which BenT gave an attack on Chris and Labour before talking over his attempted response. Houchen was always likely to ‘perform’ better, as that’s all he is and having been doing...
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    Lewis O'Brien wants to stay

    Those talking about forest wanting to recover their fee are ignoring that it will have been amortised over the contract. So 5m over 4 years with 2 left is only 2.5m . The loan fees have probably paid for last year’s too. So we could see a deal for around 1.5/2 with a promotion bonus.
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    Anyone think houchen will get back in?

    Hopefully the widespread corruption and general hate of the Tory government, prompts a higher level of voter turnout
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    Anyone think houchen will get back in?

    Definitely need to get as many people out to vote. Looks like that is where it will be won or lost
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    No Ayling and Greenwood v dirties so what do we go with

    Quite probably and I wouldn’t expect it not to.
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    No Ayling and Greenwood v dirties so what do we go with

    Ok so not wanting to turn this thread further into a Engel thread but my original comment said close control and short passing. Maybe I should have mentioned his lapses in concentration, weakness in the air etc. Engel has higher stats for just about everything else and all of these factors are...