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    Boro fans out of the area. Just out of interest

    7175, Not quite the furthest away think there is another about 30 miles or so.
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    BBC in North Ormesby - not a pretty picture

    We are starting to see more crime here to, arrest and prison is the ambulance at the bottom of the hill, we need to do more to help society but cynical as I am I sometimes feel that we have got beyond that stage. More and more people are now feeling left behind and disenfranchised from society...
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    Sunak leaves D-Day commemorations early for ITV interview

    Not necessarily no.
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    Public schools and VAT , charity etc

    Not just officers but all serving personnel. There is an allowance, for instance you can send your children to Eton but it’s not all paid for. The main reason is because you move around on average every 18 to 24 months, the boarding school allowance is to provide your children with a stable...
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    North Yorkshire tourist attractions

    Great and little fryup dale. Lovely walk from the Danby moors centre. A piece of me and my better half will be there when we have gone.
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    Favourite Boro Team photo

    Nookie blocking my good lady and me from the photo!!
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    Favourite Boro Team photo

    Same for me but different era
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    State scandals in England

    It’s not just the uk, but worldwide and probably a total human failing, protecting your position and those around you to keep the status quo. I’ve just finished watching the Purdue painkiller series on Netflix. It’s very powerful But at the end extremely disturbing and sad. Not for the hundreds...
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    Geordies you actually like

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    Baby Reindeer - Netflix

    Don’t normally binge watch but watched the whole series in one go. Sad, distressing and compelling.
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    PQ17: An Artic Convoy Disaster

    My grandad was torpedoed in the Med during the war. He was on the SS Grelhead, sunk by U 562 in 41. Grandad couldn’t swim, and yet only him and a boy (cabin boy type thing) survived. He was a stoker and was off watch. All he can remember was a big bang and then bobbing about in the sea, he...
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    First they came for the toilets...

    All very well, but what do we then provide for trans (male or female). I have a trans daughter and one thing continually on her mind is what does she do if she is caught short? Can’t use the men’s, can she use the ladies? If not where does she go? Do we have a seperate toilet for trans...
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    Biggest bargain in football history

    Gary Pallister, what was a bag of footballs and some goal nets?
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    Underfloor heating

    Obviously can’t recommend an installer as it’s a fair way to travel, but can thoroughly recommend underfloor heating. We use a heat pump to heat the water in ours and we lay a max of $3-4 per day to heat the house. It’s lovely heat too.
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    Foreign tv series - music

    Sorry but you can’t go past
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    Anyone think houchen will get back in?

    I was in the TA with one of the brothers, he was an ex guardsman.
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    Why do you do the job that you do?

    RAF for 18 years, always wanted to be a pilot but didn’t have the aptitude, ended up as a Supplier/movements officer, very lucky as I only did one supply job in my whole time. Left in 07 and came over here, didn’t really know what to do and ended up part time in one of the large stores here in...
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    Well said Grimsby, hope others follow

    Tried to share the Ronnie Redford goal.
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    Mark Menzies - Tory MP

    Mmmm, definitely a blott on the landscape. What a writer, his South African novels are brilliant. In fact, you’ve inspired me. I’m reading them all in order again.