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  1. Nash

    A word of warning.....

    I concur. Mate of mine came home from the Gym. Complained of throbbing in his left arm. Went into the bath to try help with the pain and never got out of the bath. Fit as a fiddle we all thought. It seems that the pain radiates to other areas shoulders, back etc. So don't dismiss pain simply...
  2. Nash

    McDonald’s considering moving out of California

    Yes iin Fast food is different. Its an entry level job. Mainly high school kids pays for their gas and insurance. I live in Tennessee and its difficult to get employees. I would say the fast food restaurants pay a beginning wage of $12 to $13. I personally do not know anyone who earns minimum...
  3. Nash

    McDonald’s considering moving out of California

    Do you just burst out rubbish before you think. My partner works at a small bar/restaurant . Friday she made $37 per hour and yesterday $38 per hour plus a meagre $2.13 per hour wages. Really $40 per hour. For 12 hours she made $480. I won't explain the tax benefits but its like an average...
  4. Nash

    IDF kills 70 to rescue 2 hostages

    How many lives would be lost if there were no hostages. That's the question you should ask.
  5. Nash

    Terrible few days for American Civil Liberties

    Yes we are at 100 right now. I will respond later. Every time I log in it takes 10 mins to get to the page. Where abouts in Fla are you. I'm hoping to retire there next year. St pete beach area.
  6. Nash

    Terrible few days for American Civil Liberties

    I d I don't believe that the Supreme Court is a MAGA court. It's different principles when it come to conservatism and liberal beliefs. And this name tag MAGA? I cannot see anything wrong with wanting to Make America Great Again
  7. Nash

    Terrible few days for American Civil Liberties

    Not sure why it's an affront to Civil liberties. Affirmative action is nothing but racist in itself. Now colllage intake must be considered on ability and not race. If your son/daughter works their butt off to get higher grades then why should someone who didn't work so hard to improve their...
  8. Nash

    Still being ripped off…

    The Uk government charges 58p Duty per liter and then charge 20% vat on top of that. Uk consumes 42.5 million liters per day so just in Duty your Gov collects almost 29 million pounds per day. That amounts to ten billion five hundred eighty-five million per year just on Duty . Its the government...
  9. Nash

    Can someone help

    Good morning h Hope you are feeling a little better today, sorry to hear about you fine and date that didn't go so well. If i can i would like to help. I will paypal or Venmo or (whichever avenue you have) the cash to cover the cost of your ticket. Its not charity its a gift to someone who is...
  10. Nash

    Can someone help

    Good Morning,
  11. Nash

    Two more people beheaded in France

    This is what you get with unvetted migration. Invite people into the country with a totally different set of values than the country than your own. Why should any sovereign nation have to change policies or lifestyles for migrants from another country. Australia had it correct when the prime...
  12. Nash


    Tn Titans tonight at the Broncos. Game starts at 9:15 TN time wont be over till after midnight. Think the Titans will get well beat tonight so wont be betting them but i will be watching.
  13. Nash

    Channel Migrants (Admin advisory. Contains disturbing image and repulsive views)

    Ant parent who would put his or her 2 year old child in a dingy or non sea worthy boat is a piece of ****. It is not our fault, my fault or any body else's fault other than the parent. The best thing to do in my opinion is to deny entry and deport to the place where they come from. Let every one...
  14. Nash

    Where would you like to live for 3 months?

    Costa Rica. Climate, relaxed lifestyle. Economically inexpensive, beautiful country.
  15. Nash

    Environmentalism, socialism, capitalism et al

    Does this figure include rainfall?
  16. Nash

    Serius minerals.

    Chris Fraser pocketed 1.3 million and now employed by Anglo American. Going to be a lot of ***ed off broke people.
  17. Nash

    Dad Jokes - all welcome!

    Two Scottish guys walked out of a pub. Always been my fave.
  18. Nash

    Interesting views on COVID from Doctors

    I only posted the views of some doctors with different thoughts and ideas. Personally am so confused about it all to be honest.
  19. Nash

    Interesting views on COVID from Doctors

  20. Nash

    Wiggle room or wriggle room...?

    Never realized ( realised) but wiggle for me.